The Rig Episode 5 Recap, Summary & Explained: Episode 5 started where season 4 ended, When that white light comes near the Ship, They found that the light was not coming from the rescue ship, But it was coming from a Boat coming to Another Rig that was destroyed a day back in the Strom and that had caught Fire.

On the other Had, Baz feels that someone else is also coming apart from Fulmer to Help them, When the Ship comes near to the Rig, Rose said that she is going to help them Hutton tries to Stop her as he thinks they might be infected by Rose goes to Help them.

When the People come out from that Small Boat, They said that they are Pictor Research Team, Headed by A Man named David Coake, everyone from the Rig Feels that Coake has something fishy and he looks weird, he also refused to go for the Initial Checks, When Heather search the Name of ‘Coake’ in the Company database, she was shocked to see that there is no Person named Coake working for the Pictor Company and she was shocked to see that, Heather informs the same to his teammates Harish and Easter.

On the Other Hand Hutton, Dunlin, and the Cook of the Rig, talks with Coake to deal with the issue, Coake suggests that they should fill the Baz’s Chamber with Smog so that they get Unconcious and they have to Clean the Chamber.

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As per Coak Plan, Hutton, Dunlin and the Cook goes with some Chemical Cylinders and Put them into the Fire Drains, Soon after they activates the Fire System, the Chemical starts working and the Bacteria starts Dying, Hutton and the cook Manages to come out of the Chamber but Dunlin fails to Come out from the Chamber as Coake Closes the Door From the Control Room.

Rose goes back to Chamber to Save Dunlin and Fulmer, but she found out that Dunlin is Dead and Fulmer is going to die soon, Rose switches off the Fire System, and then after a few minutes Fulmer opens his eyes as Bacteria starts getting alive again, on the other hand, Baz also got up.

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Rose Manages to bring Fulmer back to the Deck from that Chamber, Baz gets up again and his friend was dead, we saw visual on the screen that a the Ring is Completed, Is it sign that a Disruption is coming out soon, and everything is going to be destroyed, The episode 6 and the final episode has many thing to answer.



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