The Rig (2023) Ending Explained: Amazon Prime Video’s 6-episode original web series ‘The Rig’ was released last Friday on Amazon Prime Video. Like every second series, the show also ended up with some confusing plot, and here we are going to explain the ending of the series.

The show is receiving decent reviews from audiences and critics. Please note that there are spoilers ahead, and if you haven’t watched the series yet, I advise you to go and watch it first on Amazon Prime Video. You can also read our episode-wise recap of this series too.

The Ending

The final episode started with the story that began two days ago. It is revealed that Coak was behind the fire on the other rig. His mate Harish disclosed that they could bring more people to the boat, but Coak never did so. After knowing everything from Coak, Fulmer, Rose, and Magnus decided to save Baz and they go to rescue Baz from his chamber.

They go to Baz and ask him to talk with the bacteria. On the other hand, Coak is with Harish, and he asks Harish to do the same process that they did on the last rig. Coak also revealed that a helicopter is coming in a few hours, and if Harish wants to go home, he may come with them.

In the last moments of the episode, we see that two helicopters arrive on the deck, and everyone is preparing to leave for home. But Magnus, Rose, and Fulmer are still in the production lab with Baz. Rose wants to solve the problem, so she tries to talk with the bacteria. She tries her best to establish a connection, but she fails every time. When they see that they are not going to make it happen, and destruction is going to happen, they come out of the production hub. Magnus asks Baz to come along, but Baz denies and says he will stay here.

While going to the helicopter, the crew sees that a massive tsunami is coming that will destroy everything. Somehow they manage to get into the helicopter, and within a few seconds, the tsunami damages the whole rig. CAT realizes that the wave is moving toward the city, and thus she asks Coak how long it will take to reach home. Coak replies, “We are not going home; it’s too late,” and the show ends here with a shocking twist. Now the question arises, where are those helicopters going?

Where Are Those Choppers Going?

Well, there is nothing much clear about the destination of the choppers, but we have a few theories that fit the ending. The choppers are not going to the mainland because Coak knows that the mainland is going to vanish due to the tsunami and the waves. So they decided to land somewhere else safe, and that may be the reason that the choppers changed their direction.



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