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The Rig Series Episode 1 Recap, Summary & Explained

The Rig Series Amazon Prime Video Ep 1: Amazon Prime Original series ‘The Rig’ is now available to watch for the audiences, The show is now available to watch online on Prime Video in English, Hindi, and other audio versions.

Episode 1 is around 40 Minutes long and here goes the recap and summary of the show, we will also try to explain the ending of episode 1 if there is any confusing end to the episode.

The episode starts Pretty well and as the title suggests, The story starts on a Rig, Everything was going Normally on the Rig and the few workers are waiting for their shifts to go home, The other bad news is that the Rig is going to be stopped soon as Company is going to stop the Production as this fact is known only to Magnus, The Captain of Rig.

A list was Published by the ‘Rose’, The list contains the name of those who are going home, but the list was not as expected as one of the workers named ‘Baz’ name was replaced by the Name Fulmar who is also the Boyfriend of Rose. While Captain was discussing the Plans for the future and rigging, the Alarm starts ringing and everyone was instructed to go on the upper deck with live jackets, in a few minutes the Alarm stopped and everything goes Normal.

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A few minutes later, A Rig catches Fire, and pressure starts going up in an Uncontrolled way, The Captain asks to Stop the Rig, Soon after the Phone and Radio stop working on the Rig, and Captain Magnus asks Fulmer to Check the Towers to get the idea.

Fulmer and Baz Raches to the High tower to Check What has happened to the tower, Baz and Fulmer have a little fight on top of the tower and then Fulmer comes down, While everyone was waiting for Baz to come down, All of sudden Baz falls from the Top of the tower got badly Injured.

In all between these ‘Hutton’ one of the oldest workers of the Rig, came to know that the Rig is going to stop Production after this and everyone here will be Jobless, when everyone was talking about these things, All of sudden Baz who not even in a condition to talk, Comes to Top Deck of the Rig and this shocked everyone, Baz Said ‘ Something Bad Has Started’ and then he stops talking, Rose and other Takes the Baz back to the Bed and episode 1 ends here.

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The episode was a nice and well-made start for the thriller show, Now it will be interesting to see what upcoming episodes have to offer us.



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