The Rig Episode 4 Recap, Summary, Explained: Episode 4 of the show starts with a reveal that Magnus’s Son was killed in Car Accident a few years back, Magnus was doing Duty as a Captain on Ship the Captain was on leave when his Son died in Road Accident, On the other hand, Fulmer is still on the treatment after he got burned in Fire when he was Firing the Flare Gun.

While Rose and the others were talking, Suddenly Fulmer gets up and looks like he is Fit, Rose Aksed why he is there, He said, He wants to help all of them, as The Rig still needs them.

On the other hand, ‘Baz’ is doing something to Increase the Pressure and this can really Kill all those who are on the Righ, Now Magnus orders Easter to Launch the ROV and close the Valve, When Easter was Running ROV, They saw something extraordinary with the ROV camera which was under the sea, A round and Round circle like structure was there and a few minutes back Fulmer was also drawing the same structure when he was with Rose in the Console Room.

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Easter manages to remove the Valve with ROV and in all between these, The signal restores back on ‘The Rig’ and everything goes back to Normal in terms of connectivity, Mangus starts trying to connect with Coastguards so that they can get some help.

Baz Tries to Connect with Fulmer through Bacteria to the Fiz the system below and he manages to do so, Fulmer watches himself in the Mirror and he was shocked to know that his wounds are healed, On the other hand, Fulmer is again hallucinating Bazz and it looks like Baz is all around Him. Fulmer’s said to Rose that he is infected to he has started listening to things, he is even talking to Baz.

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Rose Aksed Fulmer to Stay there in his cabin and she is coming back in a while, In all between these Bazz Manages to Connect with Fulmer and Convinces Fulmer to help, When Fulmer going down to Help Bazz, ‘Cat’ Saw him and she tries to stop him, but she fails, Rose also follows Fulmer but she fails to Bring Fulmer Back, Cat also follows Fulmer and she is also in the Cabin where Baz was already there.

While everyone was on the Deck, they saw that a white Light is coming toward Full Speed and Episode 4 Ends Here.



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