The Railway Men Episode 2: The episode was full of thrilling moments, as the show moves forward we are going to see some great thrilling moments as the station Master and GM are all set to rescue people from this disaster. Here goes the Episode 2 recap and ending explanation of the show.

The second episode of the show starts at Itarsi Railway Station, where we see that an office named Bennict is concerned about the “No Connection” issue with Bhopal Junction. On the other hand, the station employees are worried about the station inspection, as Mr. Rati Pandey is coming for an official inspection of the Itarsi station.

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In the next frame, we see that the Gorakhpur Bhopal Express is moving fast towards Bhopal. The situation is tough throughout the nation due to the murder of Indira Gandhi, and a Sikh woman, Rajbir Kaur, is also traveling in the same train with her kids. Some goons are looking for Sikh people, and they are killing them. Some of the goons board the train, and they start looking for Sikh people. The TC of the train helps Rajbir Kaur and her son to get rid of those goons and helps them to be safe.

In the next frame, we see that Imad is working with an old man in the railway backyard. When that old man goes outside to pee, he dies while trying to return from there due to hazardous air, and he dies on the spot. Imad runs towards the old man to save him, but he immediately realizes that poison is in the air and something terrible has happened. On the other hand, the scenes at Bhopal Station and the nearby village are terrible; people are dying on the streets, station, and everywhere.

When the station master, ‘Iftekar Siddiqui,’ sees the situation outside the station, he is shocked by the condition of the station. People are dying on the platform, and he just gets confused about what to do. He asks Balwant Yadav (Express bandit thief) for help, and he starts helping more and more people on the station, but all his efforts are of no use, and everyone is falling and dying here and there.

Iftekar Siddiqui then asks everyone to go to the waiting room and close all doors and windows. On the other hand, we see that the reporter ‘Kumhawat’ gets to know about the situation, and he runs towards the city to report the news. Imad reaches the platform with a locomotive engine, where he confirms to the station master that gas has leaked from the factory and there is no treatment for this. The only solution for temporary relief is to use wet cloths as a mask on the nose and keep splashing water on the eyes.

The Railway Men Episode 1
Kay Kay Menon as Iftekar Siddiqui

As signals and connections were not working, Iftekar Siddiqui asks Imad to go and stop the Gorakhpur Bhopal Express, which was moving towards Bhopal Junction. Imad goes to the outer center of the railway to give a red signal to the fast-coming train. Imad returns soon as there was no one on the outer. Iftekar Siddiqui tries to send a message to the nearest ‘Sukhi Sewanya’ station, but there was no communication. On the other hand, Bennict, who was at Itarsi Junction Control, is also trying to connect with Bhopal, and they get to know that something is bad there, as there was a back-to-back ring on the Block Phone.

In the last few minutes of episode 2, we see that Rati Pandey, GM of the Central Railways, gets to know about the situation in Bhopal on the phone call, and Rati Pandey starts the rescue mission to save lives, and the episode ends here.

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