The Railway Men Episode 3: Episode 3 of the show again shows the Dark Side of Politics, how the Ministers failed to offer any help to the Bhopal’s people and they were left to die. Here goes the recap and ending explanation of episode 3.

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The news of the disaster has reached Delhi. Rati Pandey calls Rajeshwari, the DG at Indian Railways, and asks for help and medical supplies from the railway ministry. Rajeshwari tries her best to save the people, and she calls the Railway ministry and even the Prime Minister’s office. Sadly, there is no help from the Railway and other ministries, and there are orders to divert all the trains moving towards Bhopal. At Itarsi Junction, the GM of Central Railway orders to bring his special train as he is going to help and rescue people on his own.

On the other hand, ‘Iftekar Siddiqui,’ the Station Master, asks Imad Riaz to bring a goods train so that they can rescue more people. As there is no help from the government, Rati Pandey decides that he will go there with his train. Some other officers from Itarsi Junction also join him, and they board the GM Special train, moving towards Bhopal Junction. Now here is the shocking twist: there is already a goods train standing at Bhopal Junction. Another train, Gorakhpur Delhi Express, is coming towards Bhopal with super-fast speed, and now this GM Special train. All three trains are on the same track.

Prasad, the assistant of Iftekar Siddiqui, also reaches the station to help more people, and all passengers board into the closed compartment of the goods train. When they try to move the train, they realize the engine is not starting, and they have no options left. Iftekar Siddiqui hears the train horn and immediately realizes that some train is coming on the same track. Prasad decides to go to the outer and signal the train to stop to avoid the collision.

On the other hand, the GM Special train is also moving super-fast. The goods train is on the station, and both trains are coming from opposite directions, and the episode ends here.

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The last and final episode of the show is going to be huge. How the train collision will be prevented and what will happen next? It will be interesting to see in Episode 4 of the show.



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