Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Episode 5: The episode is shown as a documentary on the behind-the-scenes of the “Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life” movie. Ramona started working as Envy’s stunt double in the movie because security wasn’t letting her in, so she chose to get work and be close to Todd.

Ramona wanted to ask Todd about Scott Pilgrim, but Envy doesn’t let her talk to Todd. Todd and Envy were in the same band, and they are also lovers. Todd and Envy are very popular among music fans, but they have zero experience in acting. The director tries to shoot scenes with Envy, Todd, and Wallace, but it doesn’t work out because Envy and Todd couldn’t control their urges. Only five scenes were shot for the movie, and the budget was increased due to the delay.

Wallace tells his plan to the director, and they change that scene. Todd now has to look at Wallace and kiss him instead of Envy. Todd starts liking Wallace after the kiss, and the two start having a sexual affair. Envy didn’t know about it until Todd breaks up with Envy on the documentary and tells her about his feelings for Wallace.

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The two go to Wallace, Wallace tells Todd that it’s only for the movie and he isn’t interested in him. That breaks Todd’s heart, and he leaves the place. Envy didn’t like it and starts having a fight with Wallace. Wallace wasn’t alone; he asks his stunt doubles to fight for him. Envy tells Ramona to fight for her; Ramona then fights with Wallace’s stunt doubles. She beats all of Wallace’s stunt doubles, and Envy tells Ramona to beat Wallace.

Ramona doesn’t understand why Envy wants to beat Wallace. Wallace explains everything to her; Ramona tells Envy to stop this, and the two go to Todd’s trailer. Ramona asks Todd if he kidnapped Scott Pilgrim, which he strongly disagrees with. Ramona quits her job and is exiting the place when she sees a helicopter landing in the studio.

Matthew Patel is in the helicopter; Matthew fires everyone on the set and stops the movie. Knives and Stephen are on the set, so they ask Matthew to give them a chance. Matthew accepts their request and gives them his precious thirty seconds. Matthew owns that place, so he has the power to stop it.

Ramona asks Matthew if he is stopping the film for money; Matthew answers that the script is bad. Matthew Patel won against Scott Pilgrim; he didn’t lose. Ramona shows Matthew the footage of the fight; she tells Matthew he didn’t win the match. Matthew doesn’t care about it as he beat Gideon Graves and became the owner.

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Matthew also tells Ramona about Julie Powers and Gideon’s relationship. Ramona is shocked to know about it. Gideon’s robot is watching everything from a distance, and we see Julie and Gideon watching the live talk of Ramona and Matthew.



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