The Outlaws Season 2 BBC: Watch It Or Not? Early Reviews, Episodes?

British Dramas are very famous for their bizarrely different and eye-catching storylines and a new BBC One show titled “The Outlaws” is creating waves recently. This comes after the show was released last year and was instantly renewed by BBC One and its season 2 has been airing weekly episodes on BBC One & Amazon Prime.

The Outlaws is about several 7 strangers from different backgrounds who have broken some kind of crime and come together on their community payback sentences which involve renovating a building. As they struggle through their sentences, they learn about humanity and togetherness through a discovery that brings them closer.

This show has been met with positive comments from critics and audiences. The audience hails it as a surreal and humane slice of life with a tincture of dark comedy. The series was created by Elgin James (Little Birds) & Stephen Merchant (co-director of the British smash hit The Office) who also stars in the series.

Stephen Merchant has a reputation as he has produced and directed some of the best comedy shows produced by British TV Productions from The Office to Life’s Too Short. He has received two Golden Globe Awards, three BAFTA Awards, and 1 Primetime Emmy Award. The series airs weekly on Amazon Prime and BBC One. If you’re a fan of dark comedy and of course, Stephen Merchant, please do check it out.

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