Doom Of Love (Askin Kiyameti): Review, Watch It Or Skip It?

Turkish drama and films have that sudden feeling of longing when you see them, they capture emotions magnificently and now we have a gift from Netflix, a movie released recently called “Doom Of Love” (Askin Kiyameti).

The film tells about a man who falls for a singer at a Yoga retreat after his ad agency goes bankrupt and he joins her on a journey of self-realization and reflection. This film comes like a breath of fresh air in the genre of romantic drama, a genre that is being filled with a lot of films recently with not-so-good storylines.

The film has its strong point in that it looks like it challenges the notions that we have of what is actually true love, what do we think of it, and do we really get it one day in our life? The film’s cinematography is beautiful and if you have ever watched a Turkish series or a movie, they are gorgeous. The topics it touches, seem relevant to every age group, either in a relationship or not.

Turkish films have been really improving over time and this film is a big step in that direction. Turkish dramas are doing great already as well. Looking at the stats online, the film does look a bit underrated but it needs to be experienced since it’s a very good watch. Directed by Hilal Saral who also directed Endless & Forbidden Fruit, the film can be streamed on Netflix in Turkish with English Subtitles.

Watch It Or Skip It – Watch It

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