The Other Black Girl Episode 2: Episode 1 of the show ends on a light note, and now we are back with the Episode 2 recap and ending explanation. You may have a look at the recap and ending of Episode 1 of the show for better connections and understanding.

The episode of the show starts with Nella experiencing those panic attacks again, and here we see that she is imagining that Kendra Rae Phillip, one of the well-known editors who used to work in the company, is threatening her to leave the company.

Nella has some discussions with Owen about Collin. Owen asks her to apologize, and after some arguments, she goes to the office. There, she is shocked to see that a party is happening in the office, and Hazel has brought pastries for everyone. Nella initially avoids Hazel, but very soon, Hazel convinces her by saying sorry.

Vera asks Nella again to apologize to Collin, as this is the only thing that can save her job. Here, Nella suggests that they should have a sensitivity reader for Collin’s book. Later in the night in the office, Nella feels that someone inside the office is following her, but there is no one there. Nella then enters the archives room and finds some old materials and papers related to an old book, “Burning Heart” by Diana Gorden.

The next day, Nella visits the office and suggests to Vera that they invite Kendra Rae and re-release the book. Vera rejects the offer and advises Nella to forget all this and apologize to Collin. Nella breaks down and cries in the washroom, and here Hazel consoles her and wins the trust of Nella again. Collin visits the office, and here Nella says sorry to Collin in front of everyone.

During the author photo selection meeting, Nella and Hazel are also invited. Vera says in the meeting that they should add a sensitivity reading to the book, and everyone likes the proposal. Hazel interrupts in the middle and says that it was Nella’s idea. Vera becomes uncomfortable in front of everyone and gives credit to Nella. After leaving the office, Nella goes to her house, and there we see Nella and Owen romancing. Hazel is outside Nella’s house, watching them from the window, and episode 2 ends here.

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Episode 2 was dull, and there was not much except for the ending. Hazel is hiding something for sure, and she is somehow related to the company and Nella. It will be interesting to see how the show progresses.

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