The Other Black Girl Episode 3: The story of Episode 3 starts with a backstory from 1976, and we get to see the backstory of Kendra. After the introduction, the story moves back to the present again, and here we get to see the same office sequence. Hazel asks Nella for a party at 6 PM, but Nella refuses, thinking that her boss Vera will not allow it.

Hazel comes to the rescue again, and somehow she manages to set everything up. When Nella and Hazel were getting ready in the office washroom, Nella saw that blood was coming out from Hazel’s head. Hazel asks Nella to wait at the stairs, and she cleans the blood from her head.

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The story moves back to 1977 in Cambridge, and here we get to see Kenny and Kendra as roommates. The story moves to the present again, and here we see that Nella and Hazel break into the party. At the party, Nella meets Leena Jordan, the producer of the Jesse Watson Podcast (Nella loves that podcast and has also DM’d Watson to write a book). Nella offers Jordan the idea that Jesse should write a book at Wagner, but she rejects the offer.

At the party, Nella meets another guest, and there she introduces herself as an editor. While she is trying to talk with that guest, Richard arrives there, and Nella is shocked to see him. Richard asks her what she was trying to do, and here Nella shares the idea of re-releasing the book “Burning Heart” and inviting Kendra. Richard reveals that Kendra took her own life after the book was published.

Richard found the idea of re-releasing interesting and asked Nella to meet in the office the next day. The story moves back to the past again in 1985, where we get to see that Kendra is working for Wagner Books, and Diana arrives there and pitches to Richard (Senior Richard, the owner during 1985). Then the series jumps to the present again, where we see that Richard is on the phone and asking someone to come back. Richard says, “I need you, please come back,” and the episode ends here.

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I think that the conversations are making the show dull and a little slow. The twist in the last few minutes is making the show more interesting, and it will be interesting to see what is coming in the next episode. All I can predict from now is that Hazel is related to Diana Zordan, the author of the book, and Nella is somehow related to Kendra, the editor.

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