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Burning Body Episode 6: Recap, Summary and Ending Explained | El Cuerpo En llamas

Burning Body Episode 4: “So, Rosa has been caught by the police, and now she’s in jail. Is her life ending, or is it the start of a new phase? We will provide all the details in this recap of episode 6. You may have a look at the recaps of Episode 4 and Episode 5 for a better connection.

Now it’s time for the investigation. Rosa and Albert have been apprehended, but they need evidence. The media all over the country is speculating about an affair between Albert and Rosa, suggesting they are behind Pedro’s murder. Facing intense negativity from the media, how will Rosa and Albert defend themselves? Alvaro declined to be her lawyer. On the other side, Javi and his wife are taking care of Sofia.

During this time, the Photoclick trial against Detective Manuel has also begun, with a team of lawyers defending him. Manuel claimed that Rosa enjoyed taking photos during intimacy, suggesting she was a disturbed woman. Rosa doesn’t know what to do; the only thing she has in jail is time. How will she use it?

Ester and Eduard found two secret phones hidden in Rosa’s wardrobe. She used to hide them in her shoes. Ester went to the basement and entered that room. The room had been beautifully renovated and painted, but Ester was sharp enough to order her investigation team to use luminol in the basement room. Upon close investigation, they discovered some blood drops. In jail, Rosa met with Ester, who had found Pedro’s cell phone.

Ester suspected Rosa was involved in Pedro’s murder, but Rosa denied it. At this point, Rosa is feeling helpless. Even Rosa’s mother has stopped believing her, thinking her daughter had lied to them. They hired a professional lawyer for Rosa, Montse, who promised to help her because of her expertise.

On the other side, a lawyer also came to meet with Albert to learn about what happened. Albert’s brother joined him.

Let’s go back to the past, where Sofia went to the beach with her parents. Pedro knew that Rosa was taking pills, but Rosa became offended at Pedro’s constant suspicion. She explained that she was taking the pills because of Javi. Albert asked Rosa to leave him, but for her, it was impossible.

Burning Body

She became angry because Pedro always doubted her, calling her all the time. Albert couldn’t accept this and considered killing Pedro. So, did he really kill Pedro? After back surgery, Pedro always stayed home. To impress Rosa and Sofia, he even hired a private detective to prevent Javi from taking Sofia away.

Meanwhile, when Rosa asked Albert why he didn’t answer his call on Christmas Eve, Albert confessed his jealousy, not wanting to be anyone’s second choice. They forgave each other and started discussing how to resolve all of Rosa’s problems. Rosa and Albert discussed doing something daring. They understood the danger but were willing to take the risk. Rosa wanted to fight for her daughter, Sofia, and her loved ones. So, how would they eliminate their problems? By killing them? Or something else?

For now, Sofia is with Javi, who is taking care of her. Montse arrives to help Rosa win this trial. Rosa hints at how Albert entered her house with an axe that night. Is Rosa’s account accurate, or is Montse more interested in discovering the truth? Let’s find out everything in the next episode.”

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