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Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 1 Summary, Recap & Explained

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 1 Summary: Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is now streaming on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel and here is my Recap of Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Episode 01, Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is set in a world where fairies exist. Fairy live for Centuries in peace and joy. Fairies discovered How to get Silver Sugar from Apple Sugar, So they use the silver sugar to make Sugar Candy.

Things have now changed. Humans got to know about the weakness of Fairies. If you get the Left Wing of a Fairy you can use them to do anything from the fairy. Left-wing of Fairies is like a heart to them, if you press the left wing they start to feel pain and they can die if you destroy the Wing. Humans now use Fairies as their slaves.

The series follows Anne Halford, a 15 Year old girl, who wants to become a Silver sugar maker, and her mom teaches her that she should be kind to fairies if she wants to become a Silver sugar maker.

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Anne Halford left her village to join the Royal Candy Fair. She stops by a Slave market, Where she sees a Fairy Hunter is beating his Worker Fairy slave, because The fairy tries to steal his wing from the hunter. Anne helps Fairy and returns his wing.

Anne goes to the market and asks if they’re selling Warrior Fairy. Warrior fairies are very violent and dangerous, so catching them is not that easy. She found an Oldman who is selling a Warrior Fairy. Oldman’s Warrior Fairy is a bit rude, but beautiful. Anne buys the warrior fairy and takes him with her.

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Anne needs the warrior fairy to protect her, because she will go on a dangerous road. That Warrior Fairy name is Challe and he’s been slaved for 70 Years. Anne promise him that she will return his wing after they arrive to Lewiston, Challe laugh at her, because he never saw someone naive like her. That night Anne and Challe sleep at a castle, where Challe tries to steal the Wings from Anne while she is sleeping, but his planned didn’t work. Challe remembers about another fairy liz after smelling Anne.

Next morning they are back to their track and going to Lewiston, but bandits see them and they’re going to attack them. Anne asks Challe politely to help her, but Challe wants her to give order, so Anne says that she will beat him to death if he doesn’t help her. Challe now attacks the bandits and kills them.



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