The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart Episode 6: Amazon Prime presents a Mystery Drama series, “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart,” currently streaming on Prime Video with Hindi and English audio along with subtitles. Five episodes are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and others will be released weekly.

“The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart” is a mysterious drama series centered around Alice Hart. In this article, we will discuss a recap of the series episode by episode. Before we begin the discussion, let’s familiarize ourselves with the story of this series. The series revolves around Alice Hart, who gradually uncovers mysteries about her family and Thornfield, a mysterious flower farm.

Lastly, we saw Twig finding out where Alice is now. We also learn many secrets from the past that make this series more engaging. Let’s find out what will happen in this episode.

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Alice is enjoying her life, and she is now with Dylan. Alice talks about her mother to Dylan, showing that she still misses her mother. One day, Lulu invites Alice to a party. Alice is quite excited about it and wears Lulu’s dress, but unfortunately, Dylan is offended upon seeing it. Alice gradually notices strange behavior from Dylan, which surprises her. She misses the party and watches the “India vs. Australia” cricket match with Dylan.

Alice feels restricted with Dylan as she strongly desires to go outside and party with her friends. She is upset about this but doesn’t want to betray Dylan. However, one night, she is unable to find Dylan. The next morning, she locates him, but he doesn’t reveal where he was.

June’s health is gradually worsening. Despite this, she continues to think about Twig, who is on her way to find Alice. June doesn’t really care about her own pain; what she truly cares about are the girls living in Thornfield. Her primary concern right now is Alice. The next day, in the morning, Candy is unable to find June.

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After searching extensively, she finds her near the lake. June instructs Candy to write a letter to Roberta Baron. June’s first love was Roberta, with whom she shared beautiful moments. She had previously lied to everyone about Robert, who was actually a lady named Roberta. Candy goes to deliver the letter to that address and discovers that the lady had passed away a long time ago, and now a couple lives there. This revelation emotionally devastates June.

Twig is on her way to find Alice. She puts up banners all over the street and, in the meantime, meets Mary, a local elderly woman. Twig shares her story with Mary, and Mary also takes banners with “Alice” written on them to help Twig. Twig is staying in an apartment and finds travel guidelines for the National Park where Alice is currently staying. The next day, she goes to the park to find her.

However, she doesn’t find her, as Alice had already seen her and hidden herself. Twig leaves the park and meets Mary again. They enjoy a campfire together, and Twig still misses her own child. The following day, we discover that Twig has a voicemail from Alice, instructing her not to search for her.

Alice and Dylan’s relationship becomes more toxic. He discovers a poster of Alice marked by Twig and sends a voicemail to Twig, revealing that Alice is with him. On the other side, we see Dylan becoming dangerously unstable, attempting to harm Alice. However, he apologizes to Alice for his actions. Dylan is overly possessive, which leads him to always doubt her. Later, she receives a message from Twig because Twig wants to meet one last time.

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Meanwhile, we find out that June is near death. Despite Candy’s attempts to persuade her, June is unyielding, so she calls Twig to come and meet her one last time. Alice becomes exhausted by Dylan’s possessiveness, as she is not familiar with this type of relationship. At the end of the episode, the situation worsens. Dylan becomes more violent and nearly kills Alice. She manages to escape in her car, but her journey is interrupted as she hallucinates her mother again. Meanwhile, Dylan attempts to enter her house. This is how the episode concludes, without any resolution.

So, we are at the brink of the finish line. Alice is trapped in the national park. Will she survive and succeed in escaping, or not? To find out the answer, we must wait for one more week until the last episode is released.



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