Painkiller Episode 4: This episode respects a girl named Elizabeth, who died due to opioid addiction because she used to take OxyContin. Let’s now continue the story. In this episode, we will discuss how Glen will survive, and whatever Shannon is experiencing will have consequences for her.

Shannon went to the office in Connecticut to meet Howard Udell. There, she saw some girls of the same age who also received a call. Howard promoted them to the Elite Toppers Club. Shannon began to doubt what she got, so she asked Britt. However, Britt told Shannon that whatever she got, she deserved it.

In 2000, in Virginia, some police officers became active. They are monitoring the reckless sale of OxyContin because many people are not only using it as medicine but also as a drug. However, local cops are unable to stop this because it has increased recklessly. So, Edie and John went to meet them. Edie believes there is no difference between the drug dealers and the young girls selling for Purdue, the only thing is that those girls are openly doing it. The problem is that they cannot accuse them without any evidence.

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Soon, Jay P. McCloskey, who is a US attorney for the District of Maine, raised issues with this medicine. He referred to the abuse and misuse of OxyContin. People want answers, so the pressure is increasing on Purdue. Jay P. McCloskey also sent a letter to members of Congress and 5000 practicing physicians to warn them about the increasing problem of OxyContin. Richard has no answer for this, as he wants to say addiction is people’s problem, so they will help the police stop this excessive addiction.

Glen has become seriously addicted. He is taking pills without any limitations. He is unable to work and feels overlapping sounds around him, indicating he is badly traumatized. Tyler understood everything and told his mom that Glen had become addicted. But Lilly became furious and asked her son why he didn’t tell her earlier. Glen went to bring back Tyler, but he was unable to do so because he was badly addicted.

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Britt is giving everything to Shannon: a new flat, a new car, all to make her more jealous. Now, she has become an organizer and started giving speeches to young girls. However, the situation in the country has worsened as protests have started in every local pharmacy. On the other side, Richard announced a crackdown on abusers today.

He wants addicted people to be punished. However, the problem isn’t the addicts; the problem is with this medicine. Edie knows that all doctors are prescribing OxyContin, but Dr. Fitzgibbons only prescribed it twice, both times for a cancer patient. He also sent articles to Purdue Pharma in 1988. Fitzgibbons said everything they said about the addiction was just a lie. Later, she went to meet Curtis Wright.

On the other side, Richard has stopped thinking about all the negativity and is carrying on with his business. But after McCloskey’s actions, everyone is aware of this company, so the company’s reputation is crumbling. Later, we see Richard sending Michael Friedman, Howard Udell, and Paul Goldenheim in front of Congress. They went there to testify, saying that some people are misusing it and that their medicine is perfectly fine. However, what they said is wrong.

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They don’t hesitate to tell lies; instead, they blame normal and poor people. Let’s see what happens next.



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