What is The Harvest In Secret Invasion?: what is the Harvest? Secret Invasion is currently streaming now in Hotstar with Multiple languages along with subtitles

Before starting a discussion on the question let’s know a quick overview of the series. The series set in the Present day, where Nick Fury join with Maira Hill & Talos to prevent the secret Invasion of Skrulls for the save the people of Earth. Harvest is something what Gravik wants badly. So, what is The Harvest? Let’s discuss it in thi article.

When Nick Talks with Gravik about the Harvest, its clear that its consist of DNA of the Avengers. Nick said after the End Game a group of people went to gather the DNA, Blood samples of the whole Avengers team from the battlefield. So, from this its clear that The Harvest consists of Blood samples of HULK, Spiderman, Captain Marvel etc. Later when Gravik & G’iah have the power of ” The Harvest ” we got a clear idea that its not only consists of Avengers Blood but also lots of MCU characters which consist of villains too.

We found out that nearly 21 different MCU characters’ DNA was shown at the end fight between Gravik & G’iah. Among of them are Groot, Korg, Mantis, Gamora, Drax, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, Valkyrie, etc. It also shows Thanos & Corvus too.

These are we found from the last episode. If you found anything, please confirm in the comment section.



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