Will Dolores find out about Dominic or not? Let’s recap Episode 6.

The Amazon Prime Video original series is now streaming on Prime Video with 8 Episodes. Here goes the Episode wise Recap of the show and we are at the Recap and Ending of Episode 6.

Dolores goes to meet Dominic’s grandmother, Sophia. She returns to the shop and finds that Jonah wants to turn their shop into a franchise, but Luis refuses to work with him. Hector, who works under Marcie, suddenly appears and mentions that Ruthie is interrogating him to find Marcie and Jonah’s father. Hector comes to Dolores for a massage, but he has an allergy to coconut oil, so he becomes unconscious. Dolores doesn’t want to kill him and goes to meet Luis to inform him.

There, she finds Luis talking to a lady named “Shayna,” who is a health inspector responsible for keeping New York clean. Through eye contact, Shayna realizes that Dolores killed Hector. Afterward, Dolores returns to her room, and Ruthie comes downstairs to meet her. Ruthie tracks Jonah’s father’s phone, which has an app connected to a pacemaker situated on his heart.

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By tracking the pacemaker, Ruthie discovers their location. When Ruthie finds Hector’s dead body, she tries to leave, but Dolores captures her. After hand-to-hand combat, Ruthie requests permission from Dolores to leave and promises not to say anything about her. However, Dolores places Hector’s body on her, and Hector wakes up from unconsciousness. After that, Dolores kills both of them. On the other side, health inspector Shayna wants to go to the basement to investigate everything in the shop. Dolores quickly removes the two bodies so that Shayna finds everything in order and leaves.

Luis and Dolores go to the room where all the dead bodies are situated. Here, Luis kills Hector in a manner similar to how a butcher slaughters a goat. The scene is disturbing, so Dolores leaves the shop and encounters Jeremiah. She suspects that Jeremiah is following her. Jeremiah talks about his wife, Talia, who died long ago.

He mentions that his wife is with her. Jeremiah also reveals that after Dolores was released from jail, the landlord died, and Luis’s workload increased, so he stopped taking meat from Jeremiah. Jeremiah understands everything and wants to work with them. Dolores says she doesn’t know anything and leaves.

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Dolores realizes that what she has been doing is not right. A simple man like Jeremiah is losing his business because of her. Dolores talks to Luis and suggests accepting Jonah’s franchise so that they can take all the money and leave that place. Will she succeed, or will she fall into another trap? Let’s see.



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