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The Horror of Dolores Roach Episode 4: Recap And Ending Explained

Marcie is known for something? What will happen to her? Let’s have a recap of Episode 4.

The Horror of Dolores Roach Episode 3: Jonah comes from the Pearlman Group to find his dad and claim his property. Luis explains that his dad doesn’t want the property because their empanadas are selling too well. To make everything appear normal, Luis offers Jonah an empanada that contains his dad’s flesh. Luis also tells Jonah that his dad mentioned going somewhere but never mentioned the specific place. Jonah finds the empanada tasty, and Luis reveals that it’s a secret recipe only available at their shop.

Luis is happy about successfully taking care of Gideon’s body. On the other hand, Dolores feels guilty about her involvement in this and helping Luis. She wonders what to do next and where to go. Dolores comes up with a plan and burns all the flesh and empanadas made from Gideon’s body. She feels happy after destroying all the empanadas made from human flesh. Afterward, Dolores goes to college as she wants to continue her studies. She also finds Marcie and invites her to her spa room for a massage.

While giving Marcie a massage, Dolores talks about how she learned massage from her girlfriend Tabitha in jail. She also mentions that she loves New York but also wants to find a more peaceful place. Marcie starts praising Dolores’s soft and beautiful hands. When Dolores senses something off about Marcie, she goes to the washroom to make herself comfortable. Upon coming out, she finds that Marcie is searching for drugs in Dolores’s belongings. Since all of Marcie’s customers are now coming to Dolores, Marcie suspects that Dolores must have drugs.

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She tears apart Dolores’s new bed in search of the drugs and accuses Dominic of setting a trap for Dolores to avoid police investigation. Hearing this, Dolores becomes afraid as she still loves Dominic. Not only that, Marcie reveals that Dominic used to sleep with other girls in town because he wasn’t happy at home. Overwhelmed with sadness and grief, Dolores can’t control her anger and ends up killing Marcie. Killing someone is hard work, a lesson she learned from Tabitha. She follows the instructions and immediately kills Marcie.

Dolores commits a second murder. She goes to meet with Luis, who is being interviewed by Caleb, a podcast worker. In Caleb’s presence, Dolores tells Luis that new meat has also arrived and is waiting for him. Jeremiah also asks Dolores where Luis is getting this meat from, but Dolores avoids discussing it. To feel more comfortable, she goes to meet her girlfriend Tabitha and tells her that she has done everything she learned from her. She also asks Tabitha if she knows someone who is an expert in finding people.

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Dolores wants to find her ex-boyfriend, Dominic, as she believes he trapped her. She wants to make a recipe from his flesh. She enjoys killing anyone, a skill she learned from Tabitha. On the other side, Luis is cleaning up all of Dolores’s mistakes by turning them into empanadas. That’s how the series becomes more interesting. Let’s see if Dolores finds her boyfriend or not.



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