Adhura Ending Explained: The last episode of the show starts with the day when Dean Vyas died. We see Dean digging something on the ground, and in a close-up shot, we realize that it is someone’s body. Very soon, we discover that it is Ninad’s body, which was buried in the new wing of the school. The watchman hears some noise and when he comes to investigate, Dean hides in Ninad’s grave. When the watchman leaves, Dean emerges from the grave but feels that someone is following him. When he looks back, he sees Ninad’s spirit attacking him. Dean runs away, and the spirit chases and kills him.

The story now jumps to the present day, where we see Vedant attacking everyone in the hospital where he was admitted. The police are now present in the hospital. In another scene, Devi Parsad, the former peon of the school, is heading towards the school, but he too is attacked by the spirit. On the other hand, Dev is planning to leave the school campus with Malvika and no longer wants to be part of the investigation.

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Investigating officer Bedi discovers an old photograph from the 2007 batch, where he sees a picture of Ninad. He instantly realizes that the body found in the new compound of the school was Ninad’s. Bedi also senses the supernatural elements in the room, and suddenly Adhiraj enters and reveals everything to Bedi, explaining how Dev, Rajat, and their friends killed Ninad.

Officer Bedi and Adi are now searching for Dev to save him from the spirit. They meet Malvika, and Adi tells her everything about Dev. Malvika informs them that Dev has gone to the guest house to get the car. Bedi takes Malvika, and Adi heads toward the guest house to save Dev from the spirit. Meanwhile, we see a flashback of Adi’s past, where we learn about his parent’s death in a car accident, which has made him fear the dark ever since.

The story shifts back to the last day of school, where we see Malvika and Ninad planning a date. We witness the events that unfold, including Ninad attempting to kiss Adhiraj, which angers Adi, leading to Malvika breaking up with him. We see Ninad writing a letter to leave the school but then discovering Adi’s speech, in which Adi expresses how important Ninad is to him. Rajat, Dev, and Suyash catch Ninad, and Dev strikes him on the head, causing him to fall. It is revealed that Dev was the one who killed Ninad.

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The story now returns to the present day, where we see Dev trying to escape from the school campus, but he is attacked and killed by the spirit in front of everyone. Everyone believes the story has come to an end. However, the next morning, we find Malvika’s old badge in Ninad’s decomposed clothes. Adhiraj realizes that Malvika is also connected to Ninad’s death and knows details about it.

Adi approaches Malvika and asks her why her badge is in Ninad’s old clothes. Malvika confesses that she was the one who killed Ninad. After the fight with Dev and Rajat, Ninad was still able to walk, and he went to Malvika to apologize. Their conversation turned into an argument, and Malvika pushed Ninad from the top of a viewpoint. Later, with the help of the dean and the peon, Dev took Ninad’s body to the new campus and buried it there.

Ninad’s spirit follows Malvika one last time, and she is finally killed. With the revenge complete, Ninad’s spirit releases Vedant, and the marks on Vedant’s and Adi’s hands also vanish.

What Happened To Supriya?

Everyone thought that the story was over, and everyone left for their respective places. Supriya went to the priest she met in the hospital, who claimed to be able to communicate with dead people. He offered Supriya the opportunity to connect with her deceased son. When Supriya arrived and tried to establish a connection with her son, a strong spirit entered Supriya’s body. Suddenly, Adhiraj received a call from Supriya saying, “Please save me!” The episode ends here.

Now the question arises: whose spirit was inside Supriya’s body? Well, there is no direct answer to this question, but there is a chance that it was the spirit of Supriya’s husband, who hanged himself after their son’s death. There is a possibility that we may see another season of the show, where Supriya’s husband seeks revenge on Supriya for their son’s death, and Adhiraj tries to save her.

This was all about the Adhura Series Ending Explained, What do you think about the show? Please let us know in the comments. The series is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.



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  1. Does no one feel Supriya killing her son wasn’t okay? And her husband dies right there and after all that, she leads a normal life. Ridiculous! It’s like saying whatever evil one does during depression is fine. Ridiculous

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