The Diplomat Episode 3: An 8-episode political thriller, but it still hasn’t taken many turns. As we cover the episode-wise recap of the show, here goes the Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explanation. We have also covered Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recaps for a better connection between the episodes.

President Rayburn is here, and Prime Minister Trowbridge is there to talk. The President already knows that Iran wasn’t behind the attack on the ship. That’s why he can discuss this matter with the Prime Minister. Grace Penn recently learned that her husband misplaced a $6.3 million NIH grant. The White House tries to cover it, but The Wall Street Journal knows about it. If they post this news, Grace’s career will end. So, that’s why Kate is the best choice to take the place of Vice President.

Park found a request filled by Carole Langetti, a CIA analyst in Iraq who worked with Kate Wyler in Baghdad. She put in an order for a signals intelligence collection from GCHQ. Park assumes that something must be happening secretly.

Park informed Kate. She requested intelligence from her friend from Iraq, and when her friend ordered a target in London, MI6 got an alert. Then MI6 became confused because when CIA London makes a request to GCHQ, Park must tell them. Now, MI6 wants to know from Park why she keeps things secret from them. And now Park is feeling a problem giving them an answer. Kate understands this.

So, she informed secret news to Park that Hal was the first person who called Shahin. So, it was Hal’s plan to kidnap himself. President Rayburn can’t send ships into the Gulf because Trowbridge played a trick on him. He was secretly lying because he wants to see American warships roaming in Iran. So, Prime Minister Trowbridge is setting the stage for an attack on American troops.

After talking with Billie and Stuart, Kate thinks about being Vice President. Hal planned this for a long time. Apart from this, Kate and Hal are discussing their relationship. It looks like Hal never wants this divorce.

The President wants to send a ship for a rescue mission. Kate went to the President and said Marla is a perfect choice for an ambassador. Kate doesn’t want to be an ambassador, but she knows a lot about Iran. She mentioned a man named Saman Karimi who was removed from the command of a Quds Force unit in Syria when even Bashar al-Assad said he was a guy who took things too far, but they can’t fire Saman Karimi.

Kate thinks Saman will load an RPG on a fishing trawler as he was working on some fishing work, and then he can hit. Kate says if any Americans die, the US must take action. And as conclusion, Kate said this is not a good move to attack Iran. So, they are not going to send a ship into the Gulf.

This is how the episode ended, and things are getting interesting. Let’s see the next episode.



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