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‘The Diplomat’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending Explained

‘The Diplomat’ Episode 4: The newly released show ‘The Diplomat’ is now available to watch on Netflix, We are covering the episode-wise recap, and here comes the next. The Last episode, Episode 3 ended with lots of interesting turns. As we cover the episode-wise recap of the show, here goes the episode 4 Recap and Ending Explanation.

This episode started with Stuart talking with Hal, then Kate joined them. At that moment, Park arrived with information that she received a tip at the Station in Tel Aviv that the British government is considering pulling nonessential personnel out of their embassy in Tehran.

At a gala event, Hal and Kate were dancing, and it looked like their relationship was perfectly fine. It seems like Trowbridge is still planning to attack Tehran, and he insulted President Rayburn for not helping him.

Kate went to meet Austin and said to him that officially, they can be Intel for Iran. In a talk with Kate and Stuart, we came to know that joining the foreign service was not Stuart’s plan to see the world. He joined because he wanted to get out of Washington. He used to run campaigns with Billie. Then, Billie is in the White House, and Stuart becomes the Deputy Chief of Mission.

Kate thinks of it for Hal; everybody wants her as a Vice President. In another scene, we see Stuart wanting Park to be with him to make their relationship perfect.

Kate meets with Iranian Ambassador Hajjar and talks with him. Hajjar gives her a name who appears to have directed the planning of the attack and also provided funding for the attack, and he is Roman Lenkov, who is a Russian mercenary. It was planned to doubt Iran.

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But suddenly, Hajjar feels unwell, and he thinks Russians must be behind him. He falls to the ground and struggles to breathe. After the horrible incident, when Kate reached home, she found Hal reading the newspaper, and on the table, there was a black hat. Lastly, we see that Eidra shares information about Russian involvement in the attack with an unknown girl. This is how this episode ended.

So, episode 4 takes some surprising turns, an unexpected death, with some interesting twists. Let’s see what happens in the next episode.



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