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The Diplomat Episode 1: Recap & Explained | Netflix

The Diplomat Episode 1 Recap, Cast & Explanation: Netflix’s original American TV series, The Diplomat, is now streaming on Netflix with 8 episodes. The political thriller, created by Debora Cahn, follows a lady who is selected as an ambassador to London and her struggles with political leaders amidst her problematic marriage. For those who missed the episodes, we will provide an episode-wise recap of the show. But first, let’s have an overview of the story.

I just finished watching Episode 1 of Netflix’s original show ‘The Diplomat’ and here goes the Recap and Explanation of the episode. Don’t forget to check the recap of other Episodes too.

The series starts with a blast on a British aircraft carrier, HMS Courageous, off the coast of Iran, which killed 25 Royal Navy members. Kate Wyler talks with her husband Hal Wyler about this incident, and as a result, Kate needs to go to the White House for a briefing. She makes a list of who in Tehran could order a strike on a British vessel.

President William Rayburn wants Kate as the ambassador to London instead of Hal, who is experienced but called the secretary of state a war criminal. Hence, the president does not want to send him anywhere. Kate prepares for her new role as an ambassador while also dealing with her confusion about her dress and body odor.

At the Embassy in London, everyone is researching the British aircraft incident, and they find some pictures of the cabinet taken by Air Force drones in the Gulf. As per their research, HMS Courageous was on the way to a joint exercise in the Indian Ocean, but they detected some instability in a propeller and diverted to the Royal Navy Base in Bahrain for repairs.

Kate meets with Foreign Secretary Austin Dennison and Prime Minister at the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office. She also talks with Secretary of State Miguel Ganon. Later, she attends a funeral for the naval personnel who died in the blast.

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Hal and Kate’s marriage seems to be falling apart, and there is talk of divorce, but it is still not clear. Hal thinks Kate needs him, so he remains with her.

At the end of the episode, a girl gives him a hypodermic injection to Hal and kidnaps him. The identity of the girl and who she is working for remains a mystery. We’ll find out more in the next episode.



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