The Crowded Room Episode 2: The first episode of the show was amazing and full of twists and turns. Episode 1 of ‘The Crowded Room’ was pretty good for me. I wish I could say the same for the next episode. Episode 2 of the show was dull and repetitive. I don’t know if those conversations were just for character-building or if we will see any connection between them in upcoming episodes.

We are now at episode 2, so here’s the recap and ending explanation of Episode 2 of ‘The Crowded Room’. Before jumping into the Episode 2 recap, you may want to take a look at the Episode 1 recap for better understanding.

The investigation continues in Episode 2, and now we get to see more about Ariana. Episode 2 starts with the investigating officer breaking into the Ghost House and finding some drawings there. Later on, we see that Danny’s parents visit the ghost house and ask him to come along with them, but Danny refuses. Yitzhak then asks them to leave his property, and Danny starts living with Yitzhark in the Ghost House.

The Crowded Room
The Crowded Room

The investigator then asks Danny for more information about Ariana so she can learn more about her. Danny tells her that Ariana used to come home late at night, crying and hitting walls. Danny also mentions that a few weeks later, he meets Anabella again and she invites him to her house for a party (although parties were not allowed at Yithzak’s house). Anabelle, Mike, and some more of Danny’s friends go to the Ghost House, where they have a party. Ariana also joins them, and when Danny and Anabelle are about to become intimate, Ariana interrupts and starts kissing Anabelle. Anabelle and Ariana end up becoming physically involved with each other.

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The next morning, Ariana and Danny go out for burgers and a movie, and there Danny learns that a person named Benny was trying to talk to Ariana, but she shouted at him. Danny asks Ariana about Benny, but she gets angry again. In the next scene, Ariana visits a nightclub, where she meets Jerome and Grace. Grace insists on buying Ariana a drink, and she agrees. After dancing for a few minutes with Grace, Ariana meets Jerome, her boyfriend, and they become physically involved. Grace discovers Ariana with them and they start kissing. Seeing Ariana kissing Grace, Jerome starts fighting, and they end up breaking up.

Ariana goes back home and enters Danny’s room, saying, “I need help,” and the episode ends here.

As I mentioned earlier, Episode 2 of the show was more focused on character-building for Ariana, and there was nothing special about it. This is surely going to backfire for the whole show, and many regular viewers may lose interest after Episode 2. I am giving it a rating of 2.5/5.



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