There are very few characters who face the bitter reality test in the show ‘Never Have I Ever.’ One such character is ‘Eleanor.’ The last few episodes of the show were more focused on her, and in the end, she finally gets to learn a new lesson. Still confused about the ending of season 4? Here, I am going to tell you what happened to Eleanor in Never Have I Ever Season 4.

The character is played by Ramona Young, and she nailed the role. She is the best friend of Devi, and they have a great bond. Eleanor was in a relationship with Trent, and they seemed perfect for each other. But due to some confusion and misunderstandings, they broke up and went their separate ways. Now, let’s explain what happened to Eleanor at the end of Season 4.

Just before the end of the last episode of the final season, we get to see that ‘Eleanor’ faces some bitter truths. When she goes to play the role of a corpse in an audition, she is shocked and hurt to see that her mother is also trying out for the same role. Then she realizes that acting is not going to be easy for her. Her mother has dedicated her whole life to acting, and yet she is struggling to get a small role.

Eleanor changes her mind and decides that she will study more, and now she will try to direct films and shows. She aspires to become a director. On the other hand, she also manages to fix things with Trent, and they are back together as a couple. Trent also loves Eleanor, and thus they both get back together.

Overall, the show was a rollercoaster ride for Eleanor. She changes her thoughts about her career and her mother, and she is now back with the love of her life, Trent.


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