The Crowded Room Episode 1: Apple’s original TV series “The Crowded Room” is now streaming on the platform with the first 3 episodes. The show is receiving a decent response from the audience. Here, we are going to cover the episode-wise recap of the show, and here is the Episode 1 recap of “The Crowded Room.” Before jumping into the recap, let’s have an introduction to the cast and crew of the show.

The series stars Tom Holland as Danny Sullivan, Lior Raz as Yitzhak, Amanda Seyfried as Rya, and Sasha Lane as Ariana in the main lead roles. The show also stars Emmy Rossum playing as Candy, Sam Vartholomeos playing as Mike, and Emma Laird as Annabelle. Let’s jump into the recap of the show.

The story starts in Manhattan, where we get to see Danny following someone with a gun in his hand, along with Ariana. Upon reaching that man, he points the gun at him but doesn’t fire. Ariana asks him to fire at that man, but Danny doesn’t do so. Later on, Ariana takes the gun and fires at him, but that man manages to survive. After the gun shooting, the police arrest Danny to learn more about him and to know more about the case, and the investigation begins.

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The police ask a few questions about Ariana and Yitzhak, and Danny tells how he met them. The story now shifts to a flashback where we get to see Danny living with his mother and his stepfather. The stepfather always bullies him, and the same goes for him at school too. Danny has two friends at school, Mike and Johnny. One day, Danny visits a party along with Mike and Johnny, and there he sees Annabelle. She is pretty, and Danny starts liking her. Annabelle asks Danny to get high, but it is not possible as Danny doesn’t have any weed.

Danny and his friends make a plan to buy weed in bulk and then sell it in school. Danny steals his father’s money, assuming that he will keep the money at the same place within a week, so his father will not be able to know. Danny and his friends manage to get the weed in bulk, and they start making money. Danny meets Annabelle again at school and asks if she can go out with him. Danny tells everything to Annabelle about selling weed, and Annabelle agrees to go out with Danny.

When Danny gets back to the school campus, a school teacher asks him to open the locker where the weed was kept. Danny gets shocked, thinking he is going to jail, but upon searching, the school teacher finds nothing. It turns out that Danny’s friends Mike and Johnny had displaced the weed bag from his locker. Danny and Annabelle meet in the evening, and they kiss each other.

The next morning, Danny goes to school with a drawing of Annabelle to give her, but Annabelle says that she can’t be with him and everything is over. Danny is shocked after that, and all of a sudden, his school teacher sees a weed roll falling from Danny’s pocket. The teacher asks Danny to come to the school’s head office, but Danny runs away from school and reaches home. Upon reaching home, Danny learns that his stepfather is looking for money, and he is very angry about it.

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He runs out of the house, and there he is attacked by his school bullies. Danny is then saved by Yitzhak, and there he meets Ariana for the first time.

The story now jumps to the present, and the investigator asks Danny about Ariana and Yitzhak. Danny replies that he knows nothing. Then the investigator asks about Danny’s younger brother Adam, who died a long time back, and again Danny says nothing, and the episode ends here.

Jumping to my opinion about Episode 1. From the beginning itself, Danny was shown as the victim in the show, and even I was imagining that everything is going wrong with this child, and he is so innocent.

But the last dialogue changes everything when Danny says, “What do you want me to accuse of?” Is there any twist in the upcoming episode? Can our victim turn out to be the killer? Well, I think there is a twist, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming episodes.

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