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‘The Crowded Room’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained

‘The Crowded Room’ Episode 3: Episode 3 of the Apple TV original show ‘The Crowded Room’ once again ended on a dull note. Now we have to wait for a week to get more episodes of the show. There are a total of 10 episodes in the show, and 7 are still remaining, so it will take more than a month for the series to conclude.

Honestly, I think the last 2 episodes of the show were not up to the mark. They were very slow, and I believe this will negatively impact the overall viewership of the show. Many of us are going to lose interest in the show after Episode 2 and Episode 3. It seems like the makers are just stretching the story. Personally, I feel that both of these episodes, 2 and 3, could easily be combined into a 40-45 minute single episode.

We are here to provide you with the Episode 3 recap, ending, and review. Please take a look at the recap of Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the show for better understanding.

Episode 3 of the show starts with Ariana telling a story about her past. Ariana reveals that she has a boyfriend named Jerome, and every time she gets physical with him, it feels like she is in a metal box, causing her discomfort and suffocation. She further adds that she was r@@ped by her dad’s friend in childhood, and she still feels the same. Danny also reveals that his younger brother also faced the same and he is no more.

After listening to Ariana’s story, Danny decides to help, and he asks his friend to assist him in getting a gun. They go to their weed supplier, and there Danny requests a gun from the supplier. The supplier tries to rape Danny before giving him the gun, but Johnny attacks him with an iron rod, and they both run away with the gun from that place.

The next morning, Danny asks Anabelle to visit his place, and she arrives there at night, and they have a good time. They also kiss each other, and Anabelle gets to see the beautiful paintings made by Danny. While they were sleeping, Danny hears a sound and suspects that someone has broken into the house.

When Danny goes downstairs, he sees that the drug supplier has entered his house and is searching for Danny. Danny asks Anabelle to hide in the closet. The supplier catches Anabelle, and he is about to kill her. In the meantime, Yitzakh arrives there out of nowhere and kills the supplier.

The Crowded Room
Danny and Ariana

Anabelle is shocked to witness all this and runs away from there. Yitzakh asks Danny to vacate the house as he has broken the rules. While Danny is packing his stuff, Ariana gives him a gun and says that she knows where her rapist lives and wants to threaten him with the gun. Danny agrees to help her, and Danny and Ariana follow a man. When Danny is about to shoot the bullets, the man turns around, and Danny is shocked to see that it is Marlin, his stepfather. The episode ends here.

The twist in the last few minutes of the show was shocking, and I think the show has something great to offer in upcoming episodes.



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