Bloodhounds Episode 2 : As you have seen in the first episode how cleverly Myung Gil has tricked everyone and put everyone in debt. Now, here in this article, we are going to give you a recap of the second episode of the series. Let’s get started.

The second episode begins with Kim Geon Woo being treated in the hospital as his mother prays for him outside. He got lucky that the scar didn’t damage his nerve and he was out of danger. Now, the main task for him was to collect the money that they are in debt, which is almost 10 crore.

Since he and Woo Jin are friends now, she also helps him to find money from somewhere as soon as possible. They go to his friend who agrees to give them money, but they have to work for him, which includes collecting money from people, even if it involves beating them. So, they deny working for him and don’t get the money from there.

President Choi is another loan shark, but he used to give loans to homeless people with 0% interest rate. Hyeon Joo used to work for him to collect his money. Doo Young has also taken a loan from him but hasn’t been seen after that. Hyeon came to know that he lied to him and used many poor people’s IDs to take loans from many people and is living a happy life. So, he tries to investigate this matter.

The Ending

Now, Choi is worried about Hyeon Joo and wants to hire a bodyguard for her. Someone told him about Geon Woo, so he talks to him and really likes him, and hires him. When he comes to know that Geon Woo is currently in debt and needs help, he gives him money, saying that it is his advance for the next 2 years so that he can pay his debts. Geon Woo is now ready to give his life working for him. C

hoi also hires his friend Woo Jin with him. At first, Hyeon is not happy seeing them but eventually agrees to hire them when she comes to know that their case is also related to the Big Smile company that she is currently investigating. So, now they go to Doo Young and follow him that night to see how many IDs he collects from people. Hyeon asks them not to get involved in any type of activity with them, but they start following them.

However, one man recognizes them as they have taken his ID earlier and starts asking for his ID. They start beating them, and despite strict advice from Hyeon Joo, Geon Woo still goes to save the man, and the episode ends.



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