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What happens to Fabiola in Never Have I Ever season 4? Why She Left Princeton?

What happens to Fabiola in Never Have I Ever season 4?: Another question that comes to mind after watching the show is, “What happens to Fabiola? Did she choose Princeton or Howard?” Netflix’s original show ‘Never Have I Ever’ is now streaming on Netflix, and the final season of the show was released a few days ago.

Here are some of the answers related to Fabiola and what happened to her and which college she chose.

In the final episode of season 4, we see Fabiola receive early admission to Princeton, and Devi was hurt to see this. However, later on, we learn that Fabiola rejects the Princeton offer and decides to join Havard because of her immense interest in robotics.

Now the question arises: Why did she leave Princeton, and why did she choose Havard over it? Well, there are two major reasons behind this, according to my thoughts. Fabiola gets into Howard due to her vast interest in robotics. There was a program going on in Havard about robotics, and there was a special unit too.

As Fabiola loves robotics and wants to pursue a future in it, she decides to go with Howard as she sees more opportunities there compared to Princeton, which was not as favorable during her first visit.

So, by end of the Series, Fabiola Joins the college of her interest and she was loving it.



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