The Consultant Episode 1: Amazon Prime Video’s original series ‘The Consultant’ is now streaming on Amazon Prime, The show is available to watch in Hindi, English, and some more dubbed version, For all those who missed the episodes, Here we are going to tell you about the episode wise recap of the shoe.

Episode 1 is around 30 Minutes Long and here Goes The Recap and Ending Explanation of Episode 1 of the show;

Episode 1 of the show starts with a Gaming Development Company ‘Compware’ owned by Sang, One of the Workers in the office Elaine is talking with a small group of School Kids and telling them about the games and History of the company, Those Kids were there for the Company office Visit, Elaine take the Kids to the Chamber of Sang and she leaves the chamber, a Few minutes back everyone was shocked to hear the gunshots, Elaine run towards the Sanng’s chamber and there they get to see that Sang was shot by one of the School Kids.

One of the Employe Craig, Can’t sleep at night after the incident and he decides to visit the office in the night, there she finds out that Elaine is already there and she is removing the Hidden Cameras from the office, When Craig asks about it, Elaine says that it was sung Plan to implement the cameras.

While Craig and Elaine were talking, A Man named Regus Patoff enters the office and claimed that he will be taking charge of the office from today, and he calls them to arrange an employee meeting for tomorrow, Patoff looks strange to Elaine and Craig, and they start an investigation about him shockingly there was nothing about him on the Internet, On the day 1 itself, Regus Patoff Fires two employees from the office for awkward reasons like Coming late for 1-2 Seconds and even for the bad Smell.

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Craig on the other hand found something about ‘Regus Patoff’, He found the old CCTV Footage of Regus Patoff meeting with ‘sang’ in the same office and the story here takes another turn when Elaine finds out that Regus Patoff signed something similar with other company too and just like ‘Sang’ the CEO of that company was Killed within 2 weeks after signing the deal, In that CCTV footage they also get to see that ‘Sang’ to getting S3xually involved with ‘Regus’.

Episode 1 Ends Here and now it will be interesting to see what happens in the Next.




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