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Cocaine Bear True Story ? Victims? How Many People Did The Cocaine Bear Kill?

Cocaine Bear True Story: Cocaine Bear, an American Black Comedy Thriller Film (I KNOW! Lots of genres) has made its way to the theatres it has been directed and co-produced by Elizabeth Banks who made her directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2 (2015).

The film tells the story of a Black Bear who goes on a bloody rampage after ingesting a large amount of cocaine. Surprisingly, this film is based on real events. If you’re interested in knowing about the real events of the film, keep reading

Cocaine Bear Real Story: How Many People Did The Bear Kill?

On 11 September 1985, Andrew C. Thornton II while trafficking cocaine from Colombia after dropping a shipment in Georgia but then dropped around 40 plastic containers of cocaine into the forest above Tennessee with the plane being on auto-pilot. After his parachute failed to open, he instantly died.

Now, the cocaine bags that were dropped into the forest, it was found on 23rd December 1985 that the cocaine has been ingested the cocaine from those plastic bags. The bear has ingested around $2M worth of cocaine, weighing around 75 pounds.

However, as shown in the film the Black Bear goes on a bloody rampage after ingesting the cocaine is fictional. As per the final investigational reports, no deaths were reported and the bear was ultimately found dead. In the autopsy, the examiner found the bear’s stomach “filled to the brim with cocaine”.

After the Bear died, the doctors did not want the Bear’s body to go to waste so they had it taxidermized and donated it to the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area where it was lost but then it emerged again in a pawn shop and it remains at the “Kentucky For Kentucky Fun Mall” in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Funny thing is, the Bear was nicknamed and also given an alias, Pablo Eskobear.



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