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The Way Home Episode 5 Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

The Way Home Episode 5: HALLMARK’s New Original Series titled “The Way Home” after debuting has released its second episode titled “What’s My Age Again?” that starts itself off with the moment Kat follows Alice to the pond and gets transported to the past and what she sees and experiences along with the repercussions her disappearance has for the present world, not that but also for other people as we delve more into their stories.

If you’re interested in what happened in Episode 5, here’s the recap of the Episode.

The Way Home Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Summary Explained

After Brady comes to Port Haven on a whim, he realizes pretty quickly that Kat and Alice there are adjusting on their own and they were not having a terrible time as he had thought. Brady was also made aware to not disrupt their process, Del.

Alice is a bit cold towards her dad who has come to Port Haven because he missed her but she’s hung up on that teenage Brady that she saw who was a pretentious jerk who treated others, especially Elliott very badly and because of that, she avoids hanging out with him. Kat, on the other hand, is also a bit uncomfortable hanging out with him and avoids being alone with him.

Del tells everyone about The Roxy, the local movie theatre closing down where Nick, Alice’s boyfriend in 1990 used to work and for the closing ceremony everyone’s going to be there and Alice realizes that the present-day Nick which she had totally forgotten about, will also be there and she talks to Elliott about him but he denies any information about him and keeps mentioning that there is a quite big age gap between them and this is illegal now. However, Alice doesn’t listen to him and starts to stalk him on social media and turns out that he works on a boat of super rich and travels the world.

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Alice goes to the past and finds out that Brady is still there after Kat asks for her help at the dinner to be her moral support and she agrees to that. After she comes out, she finds Nick is looking for her and the two spend time with each other looking at the stars where Alice writes a date on his hands making each other promise to meet on that date, in the future wherever they are.

While on the closing day of The Roxy, it is also the fall dance which surprisingly is the 90s themed, courtesy of Alice and Elliott, and Kat chaperoning there. Before Alice was going there, she talked with Brady and told him about his younger self being a jerk and pretentious which she later covers saying that he’s all grown up now.

Brady deduces that it might be Elliott’s doing and crashes the fall dance with Kat outside and admitting that he’s jealous of her and Elliott together which turns into him talking about their past and how its too late to go back but they are still end up kissing but then Kat admits later that this is wrong and she has moved on. However, Elliott sees them kissing so, the damage is already done.

On the other hand, Del was asked out by Byron who she turns down first but then asks to be her date at the closing ceremony of The Roxy. During the memory lane inside the theatre while Byron was holding her hand, suddenly an old picture of Del and Colton comes and she retracts her hand back.

The night doesn’t end on a great note for everyone as Brady leaves with disappointment, Kat tries to meet up with Elliott who ignores her, and Alice who was waiting for Nick to show up does not.

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The Episode ends with Kat taking out the “Missing Child” Poster of her younger brother Jacob who saying about how explorers used the stars to find the way back home.



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