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Farzi Family Man Crossover & Connection | Amazon Prime Video

Farzi Family Man Connection and Crossover: Amazon Prime Video’s newly released web series Farzi is creating Buzz around Social Media, One of the Major reasons behind the buzz in the Crossover of the show with Manoj Vajpayee’s family Man, here we are going to tell you about some sequences, which shows that both shows are connected.

One of the Biggest crossovers in the Farzi is the appearance of Chellam Sir in the ‘Farzi’ Web series when he gave intel about the Right Hand of Masoor, and with that Intel, Michael manages to catch the Masoor’s right Hand.

Another crossover in the show is when Michael is walking down the street he stops for the Lighter and asked about ‘Tiwari Hai‘? that Tiwari is none other than Our Srikant Tiwari aka Manoj Bajpayee from Family Man.

There is another sequence where Raashi Khanna goes to the Police station to take help in Raiding the Presses in the nearby area, if you have watched that Policeman clearly, that Policeman is the same Policeman which was in ‘The Family Man’ Season 2.

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Raj and DK have confirmed that there are many more such Hints and Clues in the show and if we watch the show closely, we will get more, did you notice these crossovers? Please let us know in the comments.



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