Tarika Sen Real Name, Image, Story Dhaka Attacks: The only Indian National who Got Killed in the movie Faraaz was Tarika Sen as per the film, as all the Incidents and characters from the film are based on a Real True story, The Character of Tarika is also based on the Real Character, although the Name used in the film is Not Real.

Here we are going to tell you about the Real Name, Father Name, and Image of the Character Tarika Sen from the Netflix Film Faraaz, which started Streaming Yesterday.

The General answer is, Yes, the character of Tarika is also based on a real-life character, The Character of Tarika Sen is based on or Inspired by the Real life Character of Tarishi Jain, She was a college friend of Faraaz Hussain and She was Killed by Terrorists.

She was there with Faraaz during that Dhaka 2016 Cafe Attack and she was Killed later by terrorists as they get to know about her original Name and Nationality, You can also check the real image of her in our featured image with Faraaz.



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