Faraz Bangladesh Real Image, Story: You have landed here which means, You have Just finished the Netflix newly released Film Faraaz, the film was released first on the Big Screens and is now available to watch on Netflix, One of the most crucial characters from the film was Faraaz, Here we are going to tell you if the story is Based on the Real story and character or not.

The main lead character from the film is Faraaz who stood up against the terrorists and in the end, was killed by them, The story is based on a real True story and his Character is also based on the Same Name, The Character is based on the real Life Character of Faraaz Hussain, who was the Grand Son of Bangladeshi Businessman Latifur Rahman.

Faraaz was 20 Years old when he was Murdered by Terrorists during the 2016 Dhaka Attacks, He was there with two of his friends Abinta Kabir and Tarishi Jain, and all three of them were later Killed by the Terrorist, Later Faraaz was awarded many prestigious awards and he is remembered as one of the bravest Muslims in Bangladesh.

We didn’t find any Instagram or Social Media Handles for Faraz, But You can check the Real Image of Faraaz in our featured image.



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