Sweet Tooth Season 3 Release Date: Will Season 3 of Sweet Tooth come? Season 2 of the Netflix original fantasy drama “Sweet Tooth” is currently streaming on Netflix with eight episodes. This show is based on the comic of the same name, created by Jeff Lemire.

Before knowing the answer, let’s have an overview of the story. The post-apocalyptic fantasy drama series tells the story of a hybrid boy who is looking for his parents. During his journey, he meets lots of friends and also unveils lots of secrets.

In episode 8, or the last episode of Season 2, the main antagonist General Abbot dies. The story could have ended there, but it ended with lots of questions and mysteries. Gus and his team went to Agvagniavik to find Birdie. Dr. Singh also followed that road because he also had a vision. At the end of Season 2, we saw Ms. Zhang feeding some mysterious creatures in a cage, and she will probably be behind Gus’s team. This is how Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, with lots of unanswered questions still remaining.

So, we can assume that the next season will happen, but it will take time. Season 3 of “Sweet Tooth” may come in between 2025. However, Netflix has not officially renewed it yet. Wait for the official confirmation. Till then, binge-watch the two seasons of “Sweet Tooth” available on Netflix with Hindi & English audio along with subtitles.



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