Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episodes 1 Recap: Netflix’s original series “Sweet Tooth” recently launched another season. The latest eight episodes are now streaming on Netflix. For all those who missed episode 1, here we are going to provide episode-wise recaps. But before starting the recaps, let’s go over an overview of the story.

The fantasy drama post-apocalyptic series tells the story of a hybrid boy who is searching for his parents. During his journey, he meets many friends and uncovers many secrets. Season 2 is all about rescuing Gus and provides more information about the virus and the hybrids. Let’s dive into the recap of episode 1.

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In the beginning, we see Birdie in a cold place searching for something: a wrecked ship full of dead bodies. In that abandoned ship, she finds a diary in the middle of a purple flower. The diary is named “Journal of Dr. James Thacker (1911).” After that, the series continues with Gus dreaming of the shot body of Jepperd, aka Big Man.

Wendy wakes him up. In Season 2, the Last Man armies have upgraded the zoo, where all the imprisoned hybrids are fed with kibble. Wendy goes for a chat with Gus and tells him about sign language. She helps Gus introduce himself to everyone. She starts with JoJo Raccoon, who prefers sign language. Junior likes to watch everything. Haley swears too much.

Anna and Hanna do everything together. Earl is taken care of by a good woman who helped him talk. Maya has a tail. Finn is a newcomer who can also talk. Otto can’t see well. Max is a skunk. Teddy is a shy girl. Roy is a chameleon boy, and that’s it.

Now, Rani dreams about Nancy, and Singh is still trying to revive her. She has an Indian God Ganesha, which gives her hope to live. Finally, we see General Abbot, who rules that place. The hybrids suddenly have the plan to use a radio to call Mom, where Mom means Aimee, who is currently with Big Man Jepperd. Bobby goes upstairs to find the key, and he finds it. They open it, and it’s time for Wendy to go to the Radio Room. In between tight security, Wendy and Gus manage to reach the Radio Room. Wendy informs Mom, aka Aimee, about their current situation.

Unfortunately, they are caught by Johnny. General Abbot meets with a guy named Dutch, and they talk about someone we will know later. Roy, the chameleon-like hybrid who was killed in the previous season, is seen dead by Gus and Wendy. But Gus tells everyone that Roy successfully escaped, which makes other hybrids satisfied. Johnny takes Gus to the hospital for the next vaccine, and Gus meets Dr. Singh, who offers to help him. Gus agrees to help him with his research. It looks like God Ganesha really helped Singh and Rani. The scene ends when Singh sees a little purple flower rise in Rani’s room.

After that, the show continues from Bear’s scene, where Bear is talking with Birdie. Birdie tells Bear, aka Becky, that a tracker is fitted in the cellphone. Birdie feels happy to hear that Gus is a wonderful kid. Later, Birdie talks about a tape named “Shady Grove,” which is hidden in a room. The Last Men also arrive, but Judy sacrifices herself in front of them so that Becky can leave safely. After a lot of obstacles, Becky manages to leave with the tape, but the house is burned down.

Episode 1 ends with Teddy singing a song and keeping hope alive. Gus finds a teddy dog, indicating that Big Man Jepperd too. At the end of the day, they got their happiness back. But, for hybrids, some people are sacrificing their life, whereas others are ready to hunt them. There are huge stories left about Birdie. Where Becky has a secret tape.

Let’s know about it in the next episode.



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