The Netflix original series became famous after the launch of Season 1, and Season 2 is even more engaging. As we cover the episode-wise recaps, here is the recap of Episode 2.

It tells the story of how Big Man Jepperd looks for his lost family. After that, Jepperd joins Last Man, and for the sake of his family, he joins them. From a bad dream, Jepperd wakes up. Aimee tells him how she met him. Aimee also informs him that the house where Becky and they went was burned down. Aimee tells Jepperd that their kids are in the zoo named Preserve. When Aimee plans for extraction with Jepperd, she gets a radio message from Wendy, which she did in the previous episode. Wendy informs that they are in the pump house under the elephant pen.

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Jepperd also calls out Gus’s name in his sleep. Aimee goes to Preserve in the morning secretly with food and a teddy dog in it. She is checked by the armies, but she manages to reach the place. Jepperd also reaches there in disguise of Army dress. He helps Aimee when she is nearly caught by an Army. But Jepperd kills that army, which triggers others. Hopefully, they manage to escape through a secret passage. So, it’s the story behind how the teddy bear comes into the kids’ cage.

In the other scene, Becky finds Jepperd’s bloodied jacket near that abandoned airplane. Rani gets a new room and feels happy, but it looks like it’s someone else’s room. Gus is taken to the room where Ranu lived. That room is full of purple flowers, which bloom near a virus-infected patient. Later we know it was a room of a woman who used it for a sanctuary of Hybrids.

So, it’s the room of Aimee where she and Wendy lived previously. Gus once told Singh that whenever he falls into the purple flower, he can see his Pubba aka Richard (which we saw in Season 1). The scent of those flowers helps Gus to hallucinate. So, Singh was trying to recreate this atmosphere again. Gus suddenly hears the voice of Pubba talking about a mischievous boy named Tom Sawyer.

It seems he was trying to mean Gus. Singh tries to enter into Gus’s mind, and Gus tells him about that park, which Pubba said him not to cross. During the talk, Gus goes to a cold place, snowing there. Then again, he goes to a forest, a cabin near where he lives with Pubba.

But he finds nothing. The whole scene becomes more dramatic when Singh tells him that Gus can also see what didn’t happen to him. Suddenly, some flashes come, and we see an unknown lady and lots of scientists working on a project called “Midnight Sun.” We found out the name of that lady named Gillian Washington. Then it all ends. After that, we finally get the information that it was Gillian Washington in Fort Smith lab who was behind creating the H5G9 Virus.

On the other side, Becky found a man walking on the road with a van. She gets into that van and finds a lady. But suddenly, a boy catches her and says he can’t let her grandparents aka Oma and Opa get sick.

So, he checks Becky. Becky said she wants a ride and is searching for her friend. And she got it. On the other side, Jepperd and Aimee are trying to escape the city, but they are caught by drones. Soon, they are involved in a car-chasing scene by militaries. Somehow, they manage to leave the country.

Rani saw Wendy and was interested in seeing the hybrids. The kids misunderstood and thought that Big Man and Aimee had left the city without them. However, Gus told them that they were going to Yellowstone, where Gus lived with Pubba. It’s a forest, and everyone was feeling happy to go there. Becky was with those walkers, and Big Man Jepperd and Aimee were together. A deer boy named Gus gave all the answers to Singh.

In the end, Episode 2 ended beautifully and kept you engaged. We got the name of the Fort Smith lab and Gillian Washington, who was behind this virus.

On the other hand, Gus told everyone to return to the forest. Let’s see if they succeed. Will Becky find Jepperd and Gus? Well, to find these answers, let’s dive into Episode 3.



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