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“Sweet Tooth” Season 2 Episode 3 : Recap & Ending Explained

“Sweet Tooth” Season 2 Episode 3: We now know who is behind this virus, and it’s getting more interesting as we recap each episode. Here is a recap of episode 3. It started with the backstory of when everything was beautiful, and there was no virus. Gillian Washington was working on “Project Midnight Sun,” but there are many secrets behind this project that we will learn later. Now, let’s return to the present situation where Gus is telling everyone the story of Bear, also known as Becky.

Singh wants to go to the lab where Project Midnight Sun took place. Rani is thinking about hybrids, and it looks like she wants to love them, but Singh is against it. Let’s see if his mood changes.

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Aimee and Jepperd went to meet some friends of Jepperd’s. They reached an abandoned, habituated place where they were looking for the Hickey Brothers. However, it seems that they have died. After that, they went to a beer shop and talked about their past lives and guilt.

Aimee wanted to make a call, but she found an old lady named Ingrid who didn’t want anyone to use her phone because she was waiting for her wife, Vanessa. But it had been 9 years since she last spoke to her, and she was still waiting. After that, she gave Aimee permission to use the phone, and Aimee called some friends.

Surprisingly, General Abbott arrived there to make an announcement, and he later learned that this place was known as a “Factory Town.” He manipulated those people by saying that hybrids were the main culprits behind this virus. He came with a vaccine made by hybrids as an example. People were feeling happy because they had hope, but they were ready to hunt hybrids for this vaccine. After that, General Abbott killed a man. Finally, in the end, Aimee got a callback from her friends.

Becky was still with them, and she was with a boy named Jordan. During their conversation, Becky learned that Jordan’s father was killed by the Animal Army, which was once ruled by Becky because his father was the last man. They talked with Oma and Opa, and Jordan and Becky became friends. Jordan finally learned that the last men are now in Essex City at the end of the episode.

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Gus and Singh were taken by armies to that lab, which is an abandoned place. Gus cannot remember anything about Project Midnight Sun, but he was astonished by the smart lights. Suddenly, he heard and felt someone’s presence, but unfortunately, they only found some hens. Nonetheless, someone was still there. Gus enjoyed that place, and in an office, he found some stuff that belonged to Pubba.



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