“Sweet Tooth” Season 1 Recap: “Sweet Tooth” is a post-apocalyptic fictional American fantasy drama and adventure of anime-like humans. The series was released on Netflix in 2021, and after its release, it gained huge popularity among young viewers, particularly due to the lead actor, a young boy named Gus. After a one-year gap, Season 2 of “Sweet Tooth” is going to return. Before discussing Season 2, let’s have a short recap of Season 1.

The Black Plague is an H5G9 virus, and its symptoms include the vibration of a small finger. Doctors do not know how the virus spreads, and there is no known vaccine for it. As a result of this virus, hybrid humans, who are half human and half animal, begin to emerge. It all started with the lead character, Gus.

Dr. Aditya Singh is living with Rani, who is affected by the virus, but he keeps it hidden, otherwise, society will burn them. If someone is infected with this virus, purple flowers will appear near them. In front of Rani and Singh’s house, some flowers bloomed, and Nancy discovered that Rani is affected. Surprisingly, Dr. Singh’s horse kicked Nancy, killing her.

After that, Dr. Singh meets with Dr. Bill, who can make a vaccine from some source. This vaccine makes Rani alive. Dr. Singh wants to hand over Dr. Bill’s work, but he doesn’t want it because this work involves killing people. However, he has to do it, otherwise, his wife will die. General Abbot wants to kill Dr. Bill because she doesn’t think he is special for the last man military. Dr. Singh finds a secret source, for which he has to use a flair gun. Hybrids are required to make the vaccine.

Surprisingly, Gus is unique because he can talk. Aimee, a psychologist, found Wendy, a pig-like girl, and tries to adopt her as her child. Wendy can also talk. The Last Men are looking for hybrids to prepare the vaccine. On the other side, Wendy finds Bobby, who becomes her best friend. Aimee tries to save the hybrids named The Preserve.

Jepperd is a big man who is found with Gus. Jepperd names him Sweet Tooth. Jepperd tries to find his mom in Colorado, and they embark on a journey together. They meet Bear and her kingdom, but unfortunately, Bear has a fight with Tiger.

From what we know, Gus is an experiment of Richard or Pubba. Gus was the first human-animal hybrid created at Smith Labs by Birdie in a scientific experiment with live microorganisms. Viruses spread from Smith Lab, so it is proved that Gus came before the outbreak. From the ending, we know that Bear and Wendy are sisters. Season 1 ends with Rebecca Walker, also known as Becky or Bear. Jepperd is rescued by Aimee, and they are ready to save their hybrid babies. Wendy meets Gus, and Bear receives an unexpected call from Birdie.

Now let’s fast forward to Season 2, which is going to be released on Netflix tomorrow after a one-year gap.

Season 1 of “Sweet Tooth” is currently streaming on Netflix with Hindi and English audio, along with subtitles.



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