The Strays (Netflix) Review: The Strays is Nathaniel Martello-White’s directorial debut film, and he also wrote it, The film follows the story of a woman named Neve, who does not recognize her previous life and begins her new life after leaving her black family, among other details that we see in this film.

Whereas in this article, I will tell you a review of this film, which will clear your doubt that is this movie worth watching or whether you should skip it, as well as whether this film is for everyone or not, and more details about this film worth watching or not.

The Strays story begins with Cheryl telling her sister about her life, including how her family faces discrimination because of her black skin, as well as her husband’s behavior, We see that she left her family, and the scene shifts to years later, where she is now living her new life with a man named Michael.

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Later, we find out she also has two children, whereas the story changes completely after her former husband’s son and daughter come back to make her realize what she has done to them, which changes the scene completely, as we see while watching the film.

Whereas the background music of this film makes you realize that something strange is going on and the plot changes after the midpoint of this film, which is unpredictable, and where the opening shot of this film gives some information about Cheryl, the scene and story of this film are perfectly good to watch.

The plot of this film is perfect to watch, and the female actor, Ashley Madekwe, has done perfect acting in her role, while the child actor has done brilliant acting, making me want to watch more. Other actors have also done a decent job with their roles, which I prefer.

Besides that, the ending of this film is unpredictably perfect to watch, whereas the color gradient of this film is good to watch. The last sequence of this film is in the form of a single shot, which feels like we are more connected with the plot and feel bad about the character.

Rating: 3/5

This film is perfect to watch if you like psychological thriller films, and if you like movies like Get Out, you will enjoy this one because it is slow-burning and there is always something going on in the scene, which we see in this film, so if you watch it, you will definitely enjoy it.

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This is all about the film review, where if you want to watch something to watch, then this is the perfect film to watch, and aside from that, let me know how much you like this film in the comment box, where this film is now streaming on Netflix.



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