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Steven Rios Now? Wife ? | Jesse Valencia | Columbia Police Officer

Steven Rios Now? Wife ? : If you are here it means you have Just finished the Hulu original Show How I Caught My Killer Episode 4, episode 4 of the show tells us the story of the Killing of Jesse Valencia, here we are going to tell you about the Killer Steven Rios Current status and some more info related to him.

Born in 1977, Steven Arthur RIOS was a Police officer in Boone County, Missouri, USA. He was having affair with Jesse Valencia and when Jessy said that he will tell everyone about their affair, Steven Rios Killed Jesse Valencia On 5th June 2004, 6 Days later he was arrested by the Police.

Coming to his current status, He was charged in May 2005 with Murder and given the Punishment of life in prison without Parole, since then, he is locked inside the Jail.

Coming His wife, His wife’s name is Libby Sullivan and she separated from him after the Murder, She is Currently living with her Child and now has no relation with Steven Rios.

This was all about the Steven Rios Columbia Police officer who was charged with Jessi’s Murder, drop your thoughts in the Comments.



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