Brandy Stevens was a 20 Yrs old who was murdered on May 17th By one of her EX and her Friend, The case got so much in news due to brutality in the case and later both the Killers Ashley and Jade were convicted and sent to Jail for life Imprisonment, The 3rd Episode of the Hulu original show, How I Caught My Killer tells us about the same case.

Brandy was fond of social media and she has accounts on Multiple social sites, Including the dating app too, Now many of you were asking about her Facebook Account of Brandy, so here go some details.

After doing lots of research, we didn’t find any account which is the real account of Brandy, there is a high chance that the account was deleted or terminated by Facebook or even the family members of Brandy after the case.

Coming to Krysti, was one of the closed friends of Brandy and she Played a Crucial role in Brandy’s search operation, She is still living in Pennsylvania as per the last reports.



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