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Stephen Pandos Now, Real Image, Where He Is Now ? | Jennifer’s Brother | HBO | Burden Of Death

Stephen Pandos Now Jennifer’s Brother: Jennifer Pandos suddenly goes missing from her own house, and no one knows where she has gone to date. Her parents and brother have not been able to find her. Her brother loved Jennifer very much and searched very hard to find her sister, but he did not succeed. Jennifer left a handwritten note under the pillow. It read, “I’m fine. I just need some time to think. Both of you (referring to her parents) go to work because I’ll try to call you tomorrow.”

Since that time, there hasn’t been a single clue about her. James City County Deputy Chief Steve stated, “There was no reason to believe any foul play had occurred.” This was the headline from NCB.

Stephen is Jennifer’s brother who was in college when his sister suddenly went missing. He has been working on the same case for the last 11+ years to bring justice to his sister. Police said that her parents are the reason for Jennifer’s disappearance.

Stephen Pandos himself approached Cynthia Hill, the director of the docu-series because he wants everyone to know the pain he’s going through. He also said that he came to know about an attorney who could help him sue his parents for his sister’s death.

Jennifer was just 15 years old when she went missing. Her brother was living very restlessly He wasn’t able to calm down himself Because he loved her sister very much. She went missing On the morning of 10th February 1987 Her mother Woke up at 6 am To Wake up her daughter For school and from that day only no one knows where she is. Her brother also told her About The Notes She Left Under The Pillow.

Stephen Pandos Suspected his own parents for the disappearance Of Jennifer This was all told by Stephen himself In The HBO Documentary Series Burden Of Truth. He just wanted Everyone to know About his perspective And The Condition Of Him.

He’s 55 years Old now and living In Williamsburg,Virginia In His Hometown Only But Her Sister’s Disappearance Still haunts him.



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