Margie Pandos Now? Jennifer Mother: The HBO documentary series “Burden Of Proof” has been newly released and is now available for streaming on HBO. The show is based on the true story of the disappearance of Jennifer Pandos in 1987. Since then, the case remains unsolved, and the police are still investigating it.

Another key figure in the show is Maggie Pandos, Jennifer’s mother, who was the first to report her missing. According to her statement, when she knocked on the door on the morning of February 19, 1987, Jennifer didn’t respond. After some time, she knocked again, but there was still no response. She then informed her husband, Ron Pandos, and when they both entered the room, they discovered that Jennifer was not there and she was missing.

They filed a police complaint three days after the incident, and the police also found a note at the scene, which was written in a passive voice. During the investigation, the police determined that it was Jennifer’s handwriting and that she had run away from home, indicating that her disappearance was not a case of abduction.

The letter read:

“Your daughter is with me. She’s fine. Don’t call the police… She’s having some problems and needs time away.” and contained several more statements, all written in the passive voice.

Now, 22 years later, Jennifer’s brother has reopened the case and claims that his parents lied to him and were responsible for Jennifer’s disappearance. He also added that there is a possibility they may have harmed her.

Ron Pandos
Ron Pandos | Image – HBO

Returning to the topic, Margie Pandos still resides in her house in Williamsburg, Virginia. She disagrees with her son’s statements and allegations, and she is willing to face any charges if found guilty. You can also see her real image in the HBO documentary series and in our featured image.

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  1. I believe she helped her husband hide the body. Ron killed his daughter and the mother knows and abetted.marge is afraid she will go to jail if she tells.she probably saw her husband kill her daughter, was afraid of him and helped him! Lousy murdering parents?

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