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Rasool In ‘Asur 2’ Actor Name, Who Plays? | Character Explained

Who Plays Rasool In ‘Asur 2’: Rasool is played by actor Amey Wagh. Amey Wagh is greatly known for Marathi movies. He has done very few projects in Hindi cinema. He also played the role of a lawyer in the Bollywood movie Govinda Naam Mera.

The character he played in Asur is totally dark. When season 1 ended, everyone thought he was Shubh because he was looking at DJ with a scary look and staring directly into DJ’s eyes. Viewers predicted he might be the real Shubh. But Season 2 proved everyone wrong; he was among the 4 jail mates. His real name was Balveer Suber, not Rasool. He joined Shubh in jail.

He worked in the CBI to give each and every piece of information to Shubh. In fact, he was the one who killed Lolark and Ishani, which was very painful. The characters of Rasool and Kesar are Koka and Vikoka of Kali.

But DJ makes everything the opposite, and he kills Rasool and Kesar both. When Nusrat gets kidnapped, he reaches the place where Nusrat was kept, and after getting a chance, DJ killed Kesar. After seeing that, Rasool shot himself.



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