Sputnik Movie Ending Explained

Sputnik Movie Ending Explained

Sputnik Movie Ending Explained: Sputnik is a 2020 Russian language science-fiction thriller film. It is directed by Egor Abramenko. The movie combines the essence of various movies and makes it one. For example; Venom, Upgrade, Alien, The Thing, etc. Yes, you guessed it right, the movie contains an alien symbiotic parasitic creature that requires a host for its survival. The movie blends naturally into the genre of horror-thriller as well as Science fiction with its use of music and perfect CGI so that the viewer feels the emotions. Let’s talk about the movie in detail.


The movie is set in 1983 where two cosmonauts are sent on a mission, upon re-entering the Earth’s orbit they feel that something is wrong with the ship and someone is outside. After Making to earth it is realized that only one of the duo – Konstantin has Survived. He is brought to a secret facility under the command of Colonel Semiradov. Konstantin is put under the care of a physician named Tatyana. She uses unorthodox methods to find out what is wrong with Konstantin and finds out that an extraterrestrial being is there is in his body and is continuously developing.

Why did The Alien choose Konstantin?

We see that the alien is studied by Tatyana and her colleagues and they based on his appearance find out that it is a high-end predator that used to live on trees. Konstantin and the alien seem to have a stronger relationship with each other. The two heavily depend on each other. With the alien using Konstantin’s body as a suit to protect himself from any harm. Konstantin’s health gets worse whenever the alien leaves his body. But the alien actually helps him by staying in his body, he helps Konstantin to recover in a few days after the crash but other than that Konstantin is not in any more fortune by letting the alien staying in his body. But the alien actually depends heavily on Konstantin’s body and we learn that further in the movie.

We learn that both the creatures have developed a mutualistic bond with each other and are deeply connected . The alien releases fluid into Konstantin’s body every time he leaves which makes him unconscious but though unconscious physically, Konstantin can see what the alien is seeing through their connection, and likewise, the alien has evolved into a much higher being as he develops a sensation of hearing which he earlier didn’t possess.

Now as to why the alien chose Konstantin is that because the partner of him had cancer, it was passed off before he went to space as it was undetected. Due to this and to the reason that he developed Addison’s disease which resulted in the low production of cortisol in his body. The alien feeds on cortisol and this is the reason why whenever the alien left the body of Konstantin he was left miserable.

Tatyana gets a wind of this and she intentionally advices the scientists to check the endocrine levels of Konstantin after she made him stress. It is revealed that during the extensive stress Period the body produces less cortisol due to the fact that the alien feeds on it. We also see that Konstantin feels better once the alien starts feeding on other humans and makes his demand for cortisol complete without using Konstantin.

Why does Konstantin Kill Himself?

Tatyana realizes that Colonel Semiradov plans to use the alien as a weapon probably for the war which is about to happen. She gets sure that Colonel is mad with the power as he feeds off the convicts to the alien. She thinks of separating the alien with Konstantin and tries to run away with Konstantin from the building. But Colonel gets the wind about her plans and chases her with the soldiers. Tatyana then plans to separate the alien permanently from the body of Konstantin by introducing Addison’s disease in his body but when cornered she injects in Konstantin a cortisol lowering serum which results in the alien leaving his body and in the search of food it attacks the soldiers.

After getting out of the facility, Tatyana realizes that Konstantin will not be able to survive without the alien as he has an obligated relationship with it. They are chased and caught up by Colonel who laughs and proudly says that he was right all along. When he hits Tatyana, Konstantin becomes furious and with his inner strength and consciousness with the alien to attack the Colonel and his men.

He later reunites with an alien who merges in his body and after seeing what the alien is capable of doing he kills himself which ultimately destroys the alien. Konstantin Ultimately forgives himself for abandoning his son earlier. In the end, Tatyana is seen in an orphanage with Konstantin’s son and takes him with her as a gesture towards Konstantin who died a hero. It is shown that Tatyana was herself picked up by someone from the orphanage and it was her hard work that made her what she is today.

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