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Lootcase Ending Explained

Lootcase Ending Explained: Hello Everyone. Hotstar recently announced that more than 5 movies are going to be released directly on their VIP platform. The release started with the Late Sushant Singh Rajput’s last movie Dil Bechara. Now Hotstar released its 2nd direct OTT release flick Lootcase starring Kunal Khemu, Vijay Raaz, Rasika Duggal, Gajraj Rao, and Ranvir Shorey in the lead. The movie is a decent comedy flick that has its moments. Although the movie was fun, the ending might have left viewers confused. So let’s discuss it.


The movie revolves around a suitcase that contains 10 crore rupees. The money was demanded by a minister for his “work party” and the onus was taken by minister Tripathi. He hires henchmen to do his job, but while they are on the way to the destined place they are attacked and ambushed by rival gang members. After a brief gunfight, the rival gang members obtain the suitcase but due to the arrival of Police, they hide it and leave thinking that they will come back for it later. A parallel story of our main character Nandan Kumar shows his struggles being a middle-class man and the daily routine of his boring job. Untill this night where while returning from home he finds the same suitcase accidentally and takes it to his home after opening it.

The Ending

We see that Minister Tripathi after learning the mix happens with the suitcase thinks that due to the ongoing rivalry between Omar and Bala Rathore, Bala must have obtained the suitcase but finds out that he didn’t get the suitcase as well. Tripathi calls the cop Madhav Kotle and recruits him to obtain the suitcase anyhow by subtly blackmailing him. Kolte with his spy and officers try to find out what happened that night and ultimately find out about Nandan. Nandan who was using the money for his personal gains and family leads to funny situations for the audience but hectic ones for him .

His wife becomes suspicious of him and wonders how is he able to afford these expenses. Ultimately she finds out the truth and confronts Nandan and advises him to return the suitcase to the police which Nandan argues is a bad idea since he has used some money thus making him a criminal. Kotle arrives in the house and demands for the suitcase at gunpoint. After giving the suitcase, Nandan reveals that he hid money in different places just to safe, Kotle gives him some time to get the money back. After giving the rest of the money to Kotle after so many obstacles, Nandan prepares to go home. This is the time when Kotle puts a gun to his head, he was planning to kill Nandan from the start.

Suddenly Bala Rathod and his men, Omar, and his men also arrive at the scene which leads to a gunfight but eventually everyone stops after Kotle suggests a plan. After a discussion, Nandan runs away but returns back after Faisu the spy of Kotle comes running while firing a gun to protect Kotle . This leads to a dramatic gunfight where everyone gets killed except  Nandan . Nandan then subtly asks if the suitcase belongs to anyone and the screen fades to black.

Who were the Men who Killed Minister Tripathi?

Well in the final scene we see that Minister Tripathi is on a farm as he previously mentioned in the movie that if everything goes to shit then he’ll have to work on a farm. After the incident of the suitcase, it seems that he has been suspended or fired by his superior and is on the farm. He is then greeted by the same men who killed Jameel in the starting scene. We hear a gunshot with the movie ending. Thus meaning that they Killed Minister Tripathi like they did Jameel. And to clear this up, they both were hitmen or contract killers who were hired by Omar for Killing Jameel and possibly by the senior minister of Tripathi to kill him, since he knew about his superior’s work.

What does this mean for Nandan?

If we see this clearly, everyone died who knew about the suitcase and its mishap. It was Kotle who found out about Nandan and he also is killed in the gunfight. With Minister Tripathi dead too, there is no one who will basically come to claim the suitcase filled with money. And Nandan knows it too, that’s why he asks all the dead people that if this belongs to someone please tell now. In the end, it’s a clear win for Nandan who gets to keep all the money for himself and his family.

This was our version of Lootcase Ending Explained, what is your opinion about it, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts like this on web and digital contents, stay tuned with us.

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