Spree Movie Ending Explained: In today’s world, a person’s worth is decided by his number of followers in social media and not by his inner qualities. Regardless of how good you are in real life if you don’t have a decent amount of followers you are considered to be a boring person who has no life. This curious case of gaining followers and making several videos regarding good deed has given rise to self-proclaimed influencers.

Now the movie Spree follows the same thing – a person wanting to become famous and gain followers and he tries some dubious methods to do it which asks the Audience the question that is it really worth it? And if we look at the movie it has done brilliant work through a satirical showing of today’s reality. In the movie, we see that the protagonist chooses to do extreme measures to gain quick followers and build himself a legacy but his methods of doing so make us question the sanity of the character whether or not he is perfect for the outer world or he needs some medical attention. The ending of the movie is also very clear but it is confusing for some people. Let’s dig into it.


The movie starts off with the main character Kurt Kunkle who wants to become famous. The movie for some reason has entirely been shown in some form of YouTube videos or Instagram stories. Kurt wants to become an influencer who has a large following. He sees other people with thousands of followers which he doesn’t even cross 20. Kurt becomes disheartened but then gets an idea. He knows that if this idea won’t be able to get him followers then nothing can.

He signs up for a job at Spree which is a ride-sharing app that allows him to perform his idea. What he does is that he installs a camera all over his car so that the viewers can see every angle of it and after taking in a passenger he asks them to drink water which he has spiked with some poison. After the passenger is killed in front of the live audience his followers start to increase. With greed in his mind to gain a larger audience, he decides to raise the stakes.

The Ending

Even after committing such horrific crimes in the live stream with hundreds of people watching, Kurt manages to avoid attention of the police as many people believe that all this is an act. Things take a serious turn for Kurt when DJ Uno gets into Kurt’s car. They stop at a place to get Taco’s and while Kurt is away Uno takes a sip from the spiked bottle of Kurt. Kurt returns and sees this and tries to flee from the situation and cops find it odd and they become suspicious.

While this is going on, Uno wakes up all dizzy and becomes scared, she shoots a cop on the spot and both flee. The police try to chase them where Kurt manages to get away but not far as he gets into an accident. While it looked serious, Kurt is able to walk and ultimately reaches Jessie’s stand up comedy act. He realizes that she has created her act on him and how pathetic and sad he is. She even blames him for trying to get followers through her. She then smashes her phone saying that she is going off social media .

After the search for Kurt widens, his office of Spree ride gets shut and everyone is looking for him. Meanwhile, Kurt orders a Gogo and kills the cabbie to obtain the car. Jessie too orders a Gogo and when she gets inside she is horrified to see that Kurt is her driver. Kurt says to Jessie that they should collaborate together as they talked in the morning and now he is a changed person. Jessie becomes suspicious and tries to strangle Kurt. This leads to an accident. Afterward, Kurt hits Jessie Making her unconscious and takes her to his home and asks his ever-growing followers that whether or not he should kill her.

Jessie then wakes up in time and finds a way to get control over the car but then she hits and drives the car to Kurt’s house and crashes it. Inside the house Kris ( Kurt’s father ) calmes her. Jessie realizes that Kurt killed her mother the day before he left the house . Kurt kills his father before he could understand what’s going on. Jessie scared goes into the car and when unable to drive out of the house she drives in and hits Kurt and ultimately pins him to the wall which kills him.

Did Kurt Become Famous?

After the horrific incident, on the request of her fans, she takes a selfie with Kurt. It is revealed that she became very famous after this incident and has become a big name in Hollywood. While Kurt’s actions have been made public where his deeds are viewed in a horrific light. But there is a small stratum of people in the internet community that hails him as a hero .

We see that he has become a hero he always wanted to be, he became the influencer he always strived to be and now people are expressing their love for him through Reddit and Tumblr accounts. It is then revealed that the movie we have been watching is actually made by a fan of Kurt who has collected all the videos and information about Kurt and compiled them in order so that the public can see it. That’s why the movie is shown through YouTube videos or in the form of Instagram stories.


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