Best Hindi Web Series on Voot: Voot is an over the top ( OTT ) platform that has been there in India for almost a few years now but it has made its name in the market in no time. With competition from giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Voot like any other newcomer started off slow by releasing tv shows and old movies to fill their database.

But soon they started getting the acknowledgment and they started producing and Making their own original shows. Well the platform itself is very young and is continuously evolving but let’s talk about some of the web series which are available on Voot.

The Gone Game

The entire web series was shot during the lockdown, the web series stars som really amazing actors from the town, the series stars Sanjay Kapoor, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Arjun Mathur, Sweta Tripathi, and Shriya Pilgaonkar, the web series is a crime thriller that is going to release on the Voot from 20th July 2020.


This has to be the best work of Voot and even one of the best which has come out in 2020. The show has received critical and commerical acclaim from all over India. With people praising the performances and the storyline, even some calling it India’s best series. The plot is a mystery thriller revolving around the death of the wife of a CBI forensic officer who is framed for the murder. He is helped by Nikhil who Ultimately is captured and is used by the killer for doing further murders. The show is a perfect blend of Mystery serial killings as well as mythology.

The Raikar Case

This one is also a good watch. The show is a mystery thriller and revolves around a death in the Raikar family. Police start to investigate and after going deep into the case rules out a possibility of suicide. Now the suspicion is on the family members who are holding down dark secrets of their own. Every episode has shocking twists and turns which generally ends in a cliffhanger leaving the audience wanting for more The show boasts of an intriguing storyline packed with powerful performances to make your viewing enjoyment.


This 2020 show has been up there in the charts of one of the most popular shows of the year. And why not? It has some of the brilliant names in its cast and coupled with a sharp storyline and a message which leaves is thinking. The story revolves around a lawyer who is idealistic in her viewpoint regarding the law. She soon gets entangled in the world of criminal law where she witnesses for herself that how tainted and stuck up or out of order the Indian judiciary system really is.

The show depicts a perfect courtroom drama with brilliant acting performances that makes you want to root for the characters. If you are a fan of courtroom drama, this will be a good watch for you.

Time Out

Looking for a decent watch with no heavy mind working and getting a pinch of fun, drama, and life? Well, Time Out is your likely option on Voot. The story revolves around a young married couple Rahul and Radha who are happy in their life. But their happiness comes crashing down with Radha’s unexpected pregnancy which causes mid-life crises in their lives. The show tells the reality of today’s generation and makes us feel about their experience. The show has a great performance by Tahir Raj Bhasin who makes the show worthwhile.

Marzi – A Game Of Lies

Marzi is another one of Voot’s thriller genre shows. It stars Rajiv Khandelwal and Ahana Kumra. The show revolves around both of their characters going on a date and enjoying. But things take an ugly turn when Sameera accuses Anurag of raping her. Then follows a game twist and turns with both characters after each other trying to prove their point. The performances alone make the show on this list.


This is another but a more realistic approach in the genre of courtroom drama. The show is based on the real-life incidents which Happened in court and how justice prevailed or not! It shows how corrupt our judiciary has become and works on the orders of kingpins who rule it. Each episode has a different storyline with a mystery case which makes the Audience to have a good time.

This was all about the best Hindi web series available on Voot, hope you liked this list, if want to think any series is missing, you can drop the name in the comment box, for more posts and updates like this, follow us on social media.


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