Sonny Vaccaro Real Person: The latest sports drama inspired from true events is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video here in this article we are going to talk about Sonny who is a real life character and was Nike sales officer at that time.

when Nike was not so popular brand and they were trying to get a deal but he came up with an idea to sign Michael Jordan the basketball legend for their new shoe on a very high rate, but the shoe comes out as a revolution turning them into a popular sports brand, which leads to Sonny’s promotion making him chief in athletes management for Nike.

The role is portrayed by very popular American producer, actor and director Matt Damon, he was very popular by his role as Mark in movie The Martian , some other movies in which you can see him are Good Will Hunting, The Departed ( Released back in 2006) The Talented Mr. Ripley (Released back in 1999).

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You can see him also in one of the most awaited movie of 2023 Oppenheimer releasing on 21 July 2023 directed by Christopher Nolen and includes stars like Robert Downey Jr. Cillian Murphy in lead roles.



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